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Rupauls Drag Race Finale "in front of the scenes" I went to the finale and will try and mention things you probably wouldn't know from watching on tv.

Don't worry I don't reveal anything that will ruin any surprises but I do mention whats new etc etc. Don't read this if you don't wanna know about the schematics of the show.

First off, I do not know who won. Because Perez Hilton exposed the results and ruined it one year they now have to film every finalist winning. I know that seems lame but in all honesty the three of them are just standing there sooo anxiously it basically is real. Sure it may be a little LESS REAL but cmon hearing your name winning whether its real or not will sorta break your mind a little and you'd EMOTE for sure.
The contestant with the most cheers was not Pearl, Ginger, or Violet. It was Katya. Hands down Katya had the most cheers, she was surely the people princess. I cringe a little when I say this but I feel that Ginger MAY…MAY have had the biggest cheers out of the crowd regarding the final three. It was hard to tell because she also got mentioned FIRST so the response was really big but then I felt like the other fans weren't going to let that slide and cheered super hard for Violet and Pearl. (Me cheering upon Violets entry) If Ginger wins its not because she was the most liked, its because the vote was split between Pearl and Violet. If you're favorite is either Violet or Pearl there is a good chance you also really appreciate Violet or Pearl as well which splits their vote. If it was down to just two and one was Ginger there is no way Ginger would win, not even close. Ginger standing next to either Pearl or Violet was a for sure loser, splitting the votes though of the two stronger girls could put Ginger ahead.
I felt the budget was as good or better than last year and the venue was very nice as it allowed for balcony seating for the judges ALA the Muppets. The main difference this year is that they make the three finalists do an individual performance to a "song made especially for them". This was a really good idea as it made it seem more "awards show" style and gave an opportunity for each finalist to expose their talents. I actually feel they did a great job with these as this concept could go WRONG really fast and they were actually well suited and well done to each of the girls "character". I feel though this is a TEENSY bit risky though because if I was a finalist and the song they made "for me" I felt didn't suit me Id be PISSED… OR… if one of the other girls got a song that was clearly better I'd also be pissed. This didn't seem to happen though and they all got a song that featured each of their talents. I feel Violets was the best though there was MAYBE a little mis-step in the beginning, not sure if it will show but it seemed like her heel got snagged on the curtain in the very very beginning. It may not read on camera, AND IT MAY NOT HAVE EVEN HAPPENED, I was just so anxious for her I was like a DANCE MOM and wanted everything to be PERFECT. Gingers performance was basic and Baptist revival themed..barf… Pearls I sorta don't wanna talk about much because there is an element that is very "me" but I can't remember her song but it was cute. Violets performance was very Crazy Horse which if you know me you know its my favorite man made thing in the world so I appreciated it. I wish the back up dancers in Violets number were wearing BUSINESS SUITS though. What they put them in I feel didn't match the theme or genre.
The filming is LONG. It was 7 hours on the dot. How the queens kept their posture on those stools for as long as they had to sit there was beyond me. Nobody had a look that killed me (oh Ms Fames look was good- very Mugler and the hair was very Linda ala "Too Funky") except for Violets final look which we all gagged over. I hope it translates on television. I won't share a pic because I don't want to spoil it. It was like sheer nude and or sheer violet I can't exactly remember I know it was lavender but the inner skeleton of the garment may have been nude illusion. Anyhow its like Joan Crawford classic 40s fantasy via Mugler while stopping by the Dior shoppe on Saturn. The boning alone was very impressive, Im not sure if you'll be able to see it on tv. The outer shell was completely studded in various sizes of amethyst colored stones. MONEY. This dress LOOKED EXPENISVE and Parisian couture level quality the only difference I would say would be the stones if in a couture show would have all been glass and not all of these were glass. It was STUNNING. It was impressive on MANY accounts. It was so good Ru started talking and we were still standing there blabbing about her dress accidentally ignoring the cue to sit down. . It was gag worthy and for sure the best dress ever on Rupauls Drag race which is the SECOND time Violet has taken that category! For this she should win alone! Will she win… Errr. I don't think so. Its weird. Violet SHOULD win as she's done everything right EXCEPT win the people over. She's spends so much effort being correct and on point she's over looked the people who are watching her. This doesn't bother me personally as Im sorta flattered by it. Sure she's not paying attention to us its because SHES PAYING ATTENTION TO THE CRAFT!!! Im FINE with this! Im honored that she wants to do a good job for me! I don't want a winner like Jinx who really wasn't winner material but was PERSONABLE and PITIFUL… NO NO NO NO NO.. Alaska should have won that and TIME has proven this fact correct as you never see Jinx and Alaska is all over the place and has more followers than Sharon Needles even.
I dunno who will win, it SHOULD be Violet but SHOULD is not valid reason on Earth. Ginger MAY win because there are so many fat dumb people in America who want their poor decision making validated. Pearl could win because she's KIND OF the combo of Violet and Ginger meaning the People like her AND she's unique AND she has the most followers/hashtags on Instagram aka STAR QUALITY. TOUGH CALL. Fingers crossed its some kind of WEIRD ENDING that is unanticipated. Then again though if they do that people will be pissed and it will ruin the legitimacy of the contest itself. I think its just going to have to be one of those decisions where you can only please 40% of the population because its such a close race, the closest ever I think, so I guess Ru needs to just bite the bullet and pick one…. Im excited to see who she chooses. The masses, the professional, the starlet????
Ps The camera was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and when Ginger came out I was NOT applauding, I was CUNTILY SLOW CLAPPING, if they show different ITS A LIE!. Ps I also went to Drag Con and it was better than anticipated and I think Ill have a booth next year! I bought a Rupaul plate and it was DEFECTIVE so I brought it to lunch with Ru to let her know her people in "QC" are resting on their laurels. She LAUGHED AT ME like it was my fault. I smashed the plate over her head.

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Rupauls Drag Race Season 7 Episode 11 review

Hrmmm Its sorta interesting that I feel this season is the closest race ever.
In past seasons I feel the winner has been really clear save for Jinx versus Alaska and even then I feel Jinx was clearly going to win, unfortunately. This race however its down to Violet and Pearl at least for now. Last season they had a final four then a final three. I am ASSUMING it will be Violet and Pearl and Ginger but if Pearl doesn't make the cut then its Violet for the win for sure. If its Violet and Pearl I can't say who will win. Pearl is more connected with the audience. She has 50% more followers on Instagram which is a huge plus in "votes". I feel it will be a clash of the people voting for talent versus popularity. I HOPE it goes to talent. Not that Pearl isn't talented but I feel her vibe is kind of like a "personality" but not a "talent". I really like Pearl, she's certainly cool she's more of an Amanda Lepore to Violets Linda Evangelista to me. Pearl kinda feels like someone how has previously been famous to me and now we just appreciate her because we like her but she's not necessarily delivering anything. Where as Violet to me feels like she still has things to offer and is more of a rising star with something to perform. I feel Violet will always be a reference and working as a drag queen where Pearl will lose interest in three years and works as an assistant to Marc Jacobs or something.
I really liked the episode as it was a creative challenge and surprise surprise the dumb ones can't deliver shit. Kennedy deservedly won the lip-sync. She delivered and you can't knock her for doing her job right. We all hate her but she came to work and she did her job well. Katya was great as well BUT Kennedy respectfully body slammed her. Also who makes a Hello Kitty inspired look IN BLACK?!?!? BLACK is basically BANISHED from the Hello Kitty world, poor choice in going with black for both of them. Pearls outfit I liked but YES, it was too easy. You can't just wrap a blanket into a tube and think it cuts the mustard.
The "Make a friend for Hello Kitty" was also really fun. Katyas was funny and Violet did it right as usual. Pearls was just like Pearl, cool but just sorta Eh for me. Cool is not enough anymore. Im actually into appreciating people for their effort lately. Im into CRAFT, which is why I appreciate Violet and even Kennedy and Katyas performance. They're working FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT. Pearl seems more like she's doing it for her and the bottle service.
I recently shot with Violet and it was very interesting. When you think this is a 22 year old kid showing up at your house BY HERSELF, at 11:30p.m before she has to work, with a HUGE and HEAVY suitcase, in FULL DRAG you really have to give her POINTS FOR NERVE. She's YOUNG and she's REALLY GOOD… Very professional…CURIOUSLY SO. I feel like she's a SPY or something. She's VERY TALENTED, very SHOW FOLK, like she KNOWS WHAT SHES DOING but WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?! Theres a back story here and she's NOT sharing it. I don't know enough about her but IM ON TO HER!:) There is SOMETHING going on there. She's no kid raised with chickens. Her focus and ability and VEIL OF SECRECY come off more like she's received training from a SITH LORD. This makes me like her more. I got the feeling like there is a lot of internal dialogue going on that she's not sharing and she's putting a lot of effort in to acting normal amongst humans. I totally relate as this is how I felt from ages 10-20 and how I feel if Im in a room of straight people… which hasn't happened since 1996. I am captured by her air of mystery, I wouldn't say its exactly APPEALING, its not like its CHARMING but its VERY INTRIGUING. I respect her drive. She delivers "dark lady" and I appreciate that because I like people who don't necessarily "bond" so quickly because then when I feel if I have connected its real. I feel the reason why Katya is not my favorite, though I really appreciate her and she IS funny, is that she does the opposite of Violet. She wants to connect too desperately and nothing makes you NOT want to be friends with a person like them trying too hard to be friends with you.
Im eager to see the next episode. Im also going to Dragcon this weekend, on Saturday, so if you're going introduce yourself and say hi! I promise not to treat you poorly for being nice to me!

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Rupauls Drag Race Season 7 episode 10 Shims are IMPORTANT as they teach us about the POWER OF ARTIFICE

I really let you have it last episode review and I feel this episode was pretty straight forward and without anyone being annoying or horrible besides Ginger Minjs constant camera aware commentary that Im just over. Im disappointed people don't just see her as a completely false liar. I do. I don't believe one thing that comes out of her mouth. If she's "confessing" something its to gain sympathy, if she's "bitching" its in hope to gain even more sympathy. Many will hate me for saying this but I feel if you dig down deep its actually an honest statement and people just don't want to believe it but, she's just the liar fat person in denial I don't have time for. I find that many, NOT ALL OF COURSE, but MANY, fat people are lying to themselves and therefor not to be trusted. They're fat because they lie to themselves so constantly its physically manifested on their body, so why wouldn't they lie to you? The actual fat is the physical proof of the bubble of denial/lies. Fat is proof of poor management of the body and mind like pain is proof of something negative physically happening to the body. I see the fat as a message from the body itself trying to tell the unconscious mind "Hey, LOOK, The way you're doing things IS NOT WORKING OUT WELL.. SOME CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE ASAP! You are managing this body/life in a WRONG WAY." and you can either see the physical message and change, or dig deeper into a state of denial and then die. If you are willing to live in a state of denial regarding the management of your body and allowing yourself to be run into the ground (this not only goes for fat but also goes for any other addictions) then you are living a lie. As someone who's father was an addicted gambler and thus a TOTAL LIAR its something Im sensitive to and DO NOT WANT TO BE AROUND. I have sympathy for it but have also been burned by it so I have a tough policy on liars. You can hate me for it because if you do I just think the concept is just something too sensitive for you to deal with and I get that. I actually talk about the inability to tolerate stuff below should you choose to read on. That said of course not all lying fat people are terrible though, everyone lies, and some lie FOR YOU. My best friend is kinda fat sometimes and she totally lied as a kid and she sometimes kinda lies A LITTLE and she's FUCKING AMAZING. I don't think she does it much anymore but its just one of those things you know about someone you care about, and you know nobody is perfect, so you shrug your shoulders and go "I guess she felt she needed to lie for whatever reason." That said she's also completely trustworthy but just like lies to make her life more exciting, and I accept that. She makes ALTRUISTIC LIES. They may be done out of a lack of self worth but they're also done FOR ME. In high school she told me she saw Rupaul standing on an overpass by THE MALL in Westchester holding a sign that said "Honk if you love Drag Queens!". This may seem like a simple lie to seem "cool" but it also was her way of telling "Theres more out there to life and if you go down state there ARE DRAG QUEENS IN PUBIC!?!" It was a way for her to seem cool AND let me know "IT GETS BETTER and a share and support your interests." It was a healthy lie, not a MALIGNANT PLOT. I later asked Ru if this was true and she confirmed that BECKY IS A TOTAL LIAR. Becky also told me she MAY have been the person who ran into Keanu Reeves on his motorcycle. This kind of lying I can tolerate, its entertaining. Ginger Minj unfortunately I cannot. I realize she's doing it because she feels she doesn't have enough to offer in a truthful world which is unfortunate but either way she's still committing a MIND CRIME THAT SHE THINKS I WONT SEE and for that I dismiss her. She's not cool enough to tolerate the lies.

The rest of the episode was good and I was totally entertained. Team Violet!!!!

Shims are important because they're sort of the physical example of gender being a concept and showing that most of the differences between the sexes area actually manufactured. Which sounds like an eye roll to us but to conservative/terrified people this is a concept they MAY allow to exist where drag is a for sure NO.

For example my mom yelled at me for ENJOYING the Diana Ross / Lionel Richie SHIM as a child on "Puttin on the Hits" which I WISH was on youtube.(UPDATE! My friend found a LIVE performance of the guy in Europe, I was wrong it was Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross but GET INTO IT! My mom had such a WEIRD PERSON issue with drag, she did NOT like it. Raised by a Seventh Day Adventist/ Lutheran my mom was raised that any form of physical manipulation of the body was just DISHONEST and CHEAP. It was all about the natural state which I APPRECIATE but I clearly appreciate MANIPULATION QUITE A BIT, probably because of her belief in the opposite. She wore make up and was very pretty but it was like CARLY SIMON style. No RED LIPSTICK or CONTRIVED SEX POWER. The head trip behind it all was "WE ARE EQUALS AND I DONT NEED TO BE A SEX OBJECT TO GET WHAT I WANT BECAUSE IM HIGLY INTELLIGENT AND POWERFUL" style. She DID have sex power but it wasn't a manufactured sex power. She was PHYSICALLY ACTIVE and therefore healthy and attractive, its a weird kind of ARYAN YET SOMEHOW HOLY concept actually. It was very like "I am intelligent and statuesque and MIGHTY why would I need artifice? Artifice is for those who don't have it naturally and also a construct to get us to believe we are NOT complete on our own, WHICH WE ARE." I am VERY GLAD I was raised by this kind of person as it taught me that my body is something to be thankful for and is beautiful, BUT if you're not "PERFECTLY NORMAL" which no matter how hard you try you can't be as THE GAY KID it teaches you that YOU ARE WRONG so you OF COURSE quickly learn to appreciate THE WIZARDRY OF RED LIPSTICK aka THE POWER OF ARTIFICE! This kind of attitude made anything synthetic a bit of a "dark art" and how could you NOT be charmed buy that as a kid?! I like a PAINTED LADY, she's somebody willing to NOT accept the status quo and takes it in her hands to transform/transcend. As a gay kid you of course appreciate this as she not only doesn't accept the status quo, which is something you praise and relate to being THE ODD MAN OUT, but she's bucks the system in a dazzling way! Unlike my mothers take on it, which works out fine for her because she just so happened to be naturally pretty so WHY WOULDNT YOU THINK LIKE HER, I don't need to see a person who manipulates the body as weak or a victim. I can see her as someone creative, alive, and even powerful! I don't support my mothers feelings on artifice but I get her weird trip about drag though. It was not a concept that could exist in her world because THERE WAS NO ARTIFACE so there for you can't have manipulation of it if it doesn't exist. To her it was something that goes on IN PRISON. My mom would have to go to the COMSTOCK MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON sometimes to deal with cons who abused their children and such and I know she saw the trannies there as the worst possible life situation ever so I get it. For her it was not a "FUN MOMENT", for her it was something people had to do to survive when they're locked away forever because of their heinous crimes. I don't know if she would allow herself to think this far into it perhaps even more frightening for her is the fact that it was not something people HAD to do but the thing people COULD DO BECAUSE they were locked away forever, which is far more frightening for a conservative mind.
Heres Grace Jones as a half man/ half woman

And I totally didn't realize that SHIM from Big Top Pee-Wee (don't bother watching it sux) was Joey Arias. I remember the SHIM from the one time I saw it in theatre. Big Top PeeWee is sorta responsible for me LOSING INTEREST IN TIME. When that came out I was so excited and it sucked so much I was just like UGH, I AM NOT INTO THE LATE 80S. Ill just GO AWAY UNTIL RUPAULS DRAG RACE ARRIVES IN ABOUT 20 YEARS

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Rupauls Drag Race Season 7 Episode 9 I FIGURED OUT WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!

(DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVENT SEEN THE EPISODE BECAUSE I SAY WHO GETS ELIMINATED IN THE FIRST SENTENCE!!!) Ok all this season there has been this WEIRD ELEMENT I could not put my finger on but now that Ms. Fame has got the chop, and subsequently released her new video, I figured out what it is.
There is no arguing that Ms Fame GETS THE LOOK she really has it ON POINT. The make up, the dress, leather, latex, even a SWAROWSKI THONG!?! She gets it all. Everything about her says FIERCE and that she is VENOMOUS WOMAN OF RAGE AND BEWARE HER POWER. This of course WE LOVE… BUT… we love this because that woman RECOGNIZES OUR PSYCHE. We RELATE TO THAT LADY BECAUSE SHE THINKS THE SAME AS US and we love her because she "understands us". This is why we worship that woman, she's an idealized version of ourselves and very likely our mother. Sure we LOVE the visuals, but those visual choices are supposed to be congruent with a mind set of the same thing. Yet with Ms Fame this is SO NOT THE CASE. Ms Fame is a darling country bumpkin who couldn't out fierce a frog?! She has all of the visuals and NONE OF THE PSYCHE. This of course leaves us, and by us I guess I mean those 28 and older, going HUH???!?!.
See for us you come to make these aesthetic opinions because you RELATED TO THE NEED FOR THESE OPINIONS. Grace Jones didnt give herself an anvil haircut because she wanted to talk about chickens. She gave herself an anvil haircut because she wanted to SHRED HER OPPRESSORS (A strict Jamaican religious family) and she can't do that literally of course, so she does it visually. There is RAGE in her heart which has been brilliantly and creatively remodeled into a completely striking visual and because of this we not only love her but RELATE. As an 8 year old gaylien baby the first time I saw Grace I was completely captured. I told my mom I wanted to MARRY HER. Marry was the closest thing my baby brain could come up with when what I meant was ACQUIRE THAT POWER. I loved her because she was her own unique creature unbound by the standards of normal society. I related to her gender revolution as a gayby. She was also POWERFUL and men were SCARED of her. Two powers a powerless gay boy WISHES he could have. She figured out a way to say what she wanted without saying a word. In the 80s (and I think every time before the internet as well but the 80s was my experience) everything had to be done in subtext which is EXTREMELY DIFFERENT THAN TODAY. THIS is the reason why Ms Fame has all the visuals correct, but none of the "hook". Kids today live in a world were there is NOT MUCH SUBTEXT GOING ON, certainly not much going on compared to our experience. Everything is accessible and online and because of the 80s and the advent of video then basically THE INTERNET STARTS AT 1982. When I was a kid you had very limited access to imagery and cultures. Today things are much easier and accessible and because of this openness the kids are simply not as SUSPECT or SHARP. We had to operate with much more cunning being you couldn't exist openly. When I was a kid the most popular stars FOR BOYS were SATANIC DRAG QUEENS!!! This is not a lie?! Nor an exaggeration?!?!? Can you imagine if Poison or Motley Crue was around today?! They simply could NOT EXIST because there is no way in todays world where gays actually have a place at the table that visuals like they had going on could NOT be called GAY. Those visuals now equate to a very real person who everyone knows, unlike my childhood when people were RUMORED to be gay. You couldn't just type "How many gays are in the world" into google and find out there are 8 million gays in the United States. When I grew up "homo joe" lived in the woods and he had a BLUE UZI WITH YELLOW BULLETS and the TOWN LIAR Ellen Hollis had been SHOT AT by him! "Gay" could NOT exist so it had to be executed through SUBTEXT. The importance of this fact is that it proves my point regarding Ms Fame. We had a SUBTEXT going on because WE HAD TO. The visual choices MEANT SOMETHING and were SUBVERSIVE. Now because were in a society that is officially post modern and everything since 1982(I just picked that year as a point because its vaguely around that point but arguable) has been saved and regurgitated simply for the sake of visuals and that THE VISUALS MEAN NOTHING and this is how we got to MS FAME.
Just to get into the headspace a bit further, we would hide pictures of Motley Crue in the encyclopedia so we wouldn't be CONDEMNED FOR WITCHCRAFT by our caretakers?!?! SATANISM, I was into SATANISM AND WITCHCRAFT as a child because it was an ALTERNATIVE POWER and I was into that because I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BE GAY and I needed to find strength SOMEWHERE because nobody else was willing to let me be myself. Kids today have LADY GAGA telling them its great to be them, I WAS PRACTICING THE DARK ARTS as I fought an army of conservatives, not to mention COMMUNIST RUSSIA at the age of TEN?! Today gay kids can actually be gay kids, GAYS EXIST AND ARE REAL. Not like when I was a kid and they were RUMORED to exist. Sure people still have to fight for their rights and identity BUT it is VERY different today then it was for us and these kids simply do not have the rage we had growing up. Yes kids today are definitely rage full but for different reasons and the process of the rage is delivered in very different ways. The internet has changed everything so dramatically. Ms Fame for example in 48 hours as a 13 year old could follow a path of images online and know exactly what the fiercest of the fierce visually is/was but what she can't know is why those decisions were made that make what is fierce powerful and important. Thats why for us she's confusing, were used to these visuals meaning something. For her she's aping the most powerful images and it makes sense because YES ON PAPER SHES CORRECT, but then when we ask her a question we realize she's just empty visuals. This is why she's standing there befuddled when we say something that anyone of this genre in our world would comprehend and thus why she got the chop.
THE SAME THING GOES FOR TRIXIE MATTEL! Her FACE PAINT says POLTERGEIST CLOWN but her demeanor is SWEET GAY KID WHO WORKS AT APPLEBEES. On sight we see her face and think "This make-up is a comment on pageantry, barbie, and make up as a whole" but then we meet her and thats not the case. She doesn't get why this is "wrong" to us and why to young people she's "fierce" and why were all like NO YOURE DOING IT WRONG?! Her paint job is straight up EVIL CAMP yet I think she came to those decisions because she knows old school drag is old and tired and knows the new style of queen is more "post modern" but what she doesn't get is WHY Alaska looks like Alaska. Trixie is again empty visuals, she gets the visuals and has done her own thing with them but too much time has gone on between the punk movement of Alaskas look and Trixies face. What were dealing with now is OUR CHILDREN. They have the SEVERITY down because of our influence but they don't know WHY they're severe and this is why I feel VIOLET CHACHKI is CORRECT.
Violet actually does the HARD TUCK. She understands why SUFFERING IS IMPERATIVE TO THE QUALITY OF LOOK. She gets the HEAD TRIP. This is not just artifice for her. She is LIVING THE FANTASY. Im fully behind Violet Chacki, she might be young but she's of the right mindset and not just empty visuals.
This brings me Kataya. HEED THIS WARNING. DO NOT FALL FOR THE "NICE PERSON SHOULD WIN" thing you fell for with Jinx Monsoon and then wondered "Why the fuck did we not give the money to Alaska?!" !!!! Kataya is NICE. She seems like a cool person and I think we all want to like her and for her to be funny. I am NOT saying this to be a cunt but Im saying this because I see a lot of people heading down that Jinx path.. SHE ISNT THAT FUNNY. She's KIND OF FUNNY she's FUNNY ENOUGH, she's FUNNY LIKE A FRIEND and FUNNIER THEN THE OTHER GIRLS but THAT IS NOT ENOUGH TO WIN!!!! Kataya has put out A LOT of media and we watch it and were like "that was kinda cute but… why do I kinda feel bad for her?" A lot of what she does has this sadness behind it to me which I feel bad for not liking her for but I don't wanna feel bad for anyone! I DO LIKE HER. ID GO SEE HER SHOW. Don't think I DONT like her, but cmon, she's not WINNER material. Violet is DELIVERING. She has beauty and sex appeal AND is creative and this should be honored. Fuck it if she's not funny, none of the women I like are really funny besides Dolly Parton and we already sealed "funny" with Bianca. Lets go for edgy, strong, beautiful, creative, and talented. Lets go for Violet.
Pearl is cool, I like Pearl but Pearl is like an evolved and intelligent Adore to me..but WAY BETTER than Adore. I don't want her to think I think she's only as good as Adore because Pearl is actually quite cool but my vote is still going to Violet. Violet for the win.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rupauls Drag Race Season 7 Episode 8 The Make Over

Ok so this review is going to have less negative commentary because we've FINALLY gotten to a point where we don't have to spend time with people who suck because they're gone! Except for Kennedy, she still here, and she still sucks. She doesn't realize that me having to listen to her feels like caring for an invalid. Its a tedious chore. She doesn't realize as soon as words come out of her puss my brain turns into a BUS when it has to LOWER ITSELF FOR A WHEELCHAIR. I have to stop and think, OH CHRIST LET ME KNEEL THE BUS so she can be heard, waste my time with her inane witless chatter, then bring the bus back up, close the doors, and turn the bus back into a LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH. Having to dumb the world down just so she can have a place at the table is actually a negative for everyone involved. So please go read some books, libraries are fierce and free, and come back when you have something to offer. Otherwise just entertain at the Piggly Wiggly, you don't need to get up in my world, you're wasting my time.
See! Isn't this review SO NICE! Its like a fuckin BOUQUET OF DAFFODILS!!!?! Isn't that funny? I intend on having a nice happy review and one person can just fuckin POISON ME. Which is MY OWN DAMN FAULT. Its all my doing, its not Kennedy. She is not to blame, its all me. I just have poor tolerance skills and I of all people should have excellent tolerance skills considering what I DEMAND of others. So I don't take any of it back but I do own that Im being a TWATAHOLIC.
This episode was A LOT OF FUN. They brought back EVERYONE! My bf was SO HAPPY to see Tempest was back when she came out first. He jumped outta bed! You see unlike me, my bf is NICE. He had sympathy for Tempest, and I did too but C'MON. I am glad she was there but I am asking myself "Just what was it that you planned to offer us Tempest??" Im confused by her. It feels like she had no real plan once she got there. She's a nice lady just being herself. Just being is zen, zen isn't entertaining though is it.
HOW CUTE WERE Trixie and Pearl?! If Trixies personality was the character she choose to be for the challenge I would LOVE Trixie. She did a fantastic job and a DORK WHO TRIES is so charming. It borders on my favorite drag queen who was named Babara Patterson Lloyd who's entire schtick was HOW MUCH SHE SUCKED. She wanted you to BOO her and I love to BOOOO. She was AWESOME. She'd tell SUPER BAD JOKES and the crowd would go UGH and then she was just so bad you realized "OH WAIT, SHES DOING THIS ON PURPOSE?! She's a FUCKIN GENIUS?!" and its also ballsy as fuck to put yourself out there with a SOLE PURPOSE TO SUCK!
Everyone was fairly decent with their pairings and this is just as I said THE FIRST HALF OF THE SEASON ALWAYS SUCKS?! Why do people forget this?!?!?!?!?!? Remember it next time you're bitching about season 8!
This season is weird for me because Im not SUPER into anyone though Im impressed and entertained by 4 of them. I REALLY appreciate Violet and think she does everything correct but I don't know enough about HER yet to where I feel Im INTO her you know? I think she's HOT, I think she has the look, but she's a bit of a mystery. She hasn't had the background treatment yet like some of the other queens have. Its interesting how some queens get ZERO background treatment and some get a lot. Like why did we never hear Maxs' story? I IMAGINE its interesting. We know Ms Fames story, why not a back story per episode? Maybe thats just not a possibility. Maybe that could be a bit of a theme for Untucked. I like Untucked this season but like Katayas hole its TOO LOOSE. "Getting to know you" could be a good feature for Untucked. I feel like there are 4 people I like strongly for different reasons but not one Im like championing YET besides a mild crush on Violet. For example Alvaro and I are thinking of hiring some of the queens for our wedding party and the only one I can think of from this season to hire would be Violet and I don't wanna sound shady as I really like her but I don't have the emotional connection to her yet so theres really nobody from this season that Im saying WE NEED TO BOOK HER FOR THE PARTY.. AT THIS POINT.. We still have several episodes to go and Im open. Where as Detox, Alaska, and Juju Bee are the top three at the moment. Secretly we kinda like Jessica Wild too. She's SO NOT OUR STYLE but if you've ever met her she's super nice and actually QUITE WILD and fun and KOOKY, not to mention she SPEAKS SPANISH which is good for Alvaros friends. I liked Raven but she's non responsive which I feel is unprofessional and rude/angry WHICH IS WHY I LIKED HER LOL but cmon WE HAVE MONEY AND ARE FUN AND APPRECIATE YOU?! Why do you have so much anger that you DONT BOOK EASY HIGH PAYING JOBS from people who love your work?! Im gonna be shady because Im hurt by her lack of response... Have you seen Raven lately? She looks more like THE PENGUIN than RAVEN. Put the fork down chickadee?! The expression "Eats like a bird" does NOT apply to Raven?!

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rupauls Drag Race Season 7 Episode 7 Snatch Game Max

Its Saturday and its beautiful outside and I just can't seem to remember much about the episode. Whats her name black lady that we all hate didn't look so bad on the runway I remember, and Max got sent home and the other black her nobody can remember got to stay AGAIN. We all liked Max, but I have to say this, she deserved to go home for that WEIRD HORRIBLE PERFORMANCE!
Let me ELABORATE on the reasoning behind that statement. You see I really liked Max. I liked Max because she was very much HER. Very unique, very specific, and very well put together, all the right references. I was shocked to see her in the bottom two. The lip synch certainly favored Jaidynn Diore Fierce, who's last name is FIERCE only because she couldn't spell MEDIOCRE, but that should not have stopped Max. Max made the ultimate TERRIBLE decision, instead of taking and song that didn't favor her and bending it, and twisting it, and breaking it, and manipulating it into a performance that favored HER. She tried to be like that song which completely was beneath her. She should have thrown the song to the wayside and performed a completely different storyline that favored her. Do the song but re-imagine it as a crazy old lady trapped inside the CONFINES OF HER MIND?! Take us on a journey! Go WEIRD with it! Just do WHAT YOU LOOK GOOD DOING and the song will bend to your needs. GET NUTS the people will watch YOU! If you try and be something you're not were gonna pick up on it so fast and not like you for it. The LAST thing we wanna see is Max being "HOOD" EWWWWWW NOO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Stop doing these Mary J Blige hand gestures?!?! I really like Max but her being all R&B was just WRONG. She looked like she had dropped her dentures and was trying to find them SOMEWHERE ON THE STAGE with those HURKY JERKY STIFF AS FUCK WRIGGLES?! These gestures DO NOT FAVOR YOU, DO NOT TRY THEM! Max is a PRAYING MANTIS she has LIMBS, and BONES, and ANGLES, AND MIGHT BE MADE OF WOOD and thats FIERCE! She comes from a very ascended place of privilege and wisdom which makes her unique because most aren't able to access that pool of references but I feel she let that fall by the wayside, fell victim to her insecurities, didn't use her abilities, and tried to be something she's not and FAILED because of it. She DESERVED to go home for that. Its unfortunate because I think THEY BOTH SUCKED and if BOTH SUCK then it should go down to the LOOK and clearly Maxs' look was better, but whatever…
Oh THE SNATCH GAME… It wasn't so bad. The Snatch Game is interesting because its usually a TRAIN WRECK but everyone always gets so excited by it. This time it was LESS OF A TRAINWRECK. The Donatella thing was interesting but I wish they handled it a different way. I think they TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE HAD BATTLING DONATELLAS?!?! It would have been SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING to see what I see as two of the three strongest queens go head to head as the same lady. I'm pretty sure Violet would have won. It really would have been a VIOLET POWER MOVE but they sorta took that away from her. I feel like that was a LITTLE bending the script to Ms Fames favor. From what I know from these queens theres a bit of that, like ANY show, where the powers that be kind of try and steer the girls into certain situations to favor certain girls and I feel like that sorta happened here. I feel it was actually an opportunity for Violet to dominate Ms Fame and they just didn't want the villain to make the nice girl look EXTRA DUMB IN A BAD WAY. I COULD BE WRONG but I for sure would have rather seen the two of them battle as Donatella then Violet do a decent Alyssa Edwards and Ms Fame do a sorta shitty, sorta RUSSIAN, Donatella.
Violet still has not made a mistake. Go ahead and hate her, she's still correct every time. Its HARD to be correct EVERY TIME. Its one thing to reach the goal but then to HOLD ON TO IT is the hardest part and I feel she's done that. Pearl actually grows on me every episode. I like her she's not like WINNER material for me but she's definitely cool in my eyes now. I must say they are VERY talented queens. They are YOUNG. Now granted these queens have a little tool called THE INTERNET in their favor and make-up tutorials very genuinely help but if you saw pics of me when I was 22… ooooh I had the attitude and sometimes the look but there was NO make up skills. I mean I also wasn't a drag queen but I was a "club kid" and I wasn't as polished as them and coming up with looks is HARD AND EXPENSIVE. Id get paid 75$ to work at Cherry and I had to hand the money over to my CHIROPRACTOR every week for dancing all night FUCKS YOU UP. Lemme find that pic.. oh here it is... I thought that orange rubber shirt from Syren was EVERYTHING. The pants were actually semi iridescent bright blue PLASTIC but they look like JEANS in this photo for some reason. That ICEBERG BELT… WHITE?!?!?!?! ACK…… i bought it on RODEO DRIVE!!! CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC?!!!!! NOT. but totally, but NOT. but TOTALLY.
I feel its Trixie Mattel coming back only because they showed a clip before the season started of her calling Ginger Minj a "beanbag chair" and that never aired so Im assuming its from when she comes back???? Though Id rather see Max come back and isn't the one who comes back always the one who just left??? I assume thats because they haven't flown home yet, so maybe it WILL be Max…