Friday, March 27, 2009

Italian Fashions!!!!

I always lived for this scene in National Lampoons European Vacation. This scene and the "Crazy Horse" scene in Paris. I even recored the song on a boombox from the television and STILL HAVE IT. Watching it now it TOTALLY SUCKS but it didnt matter, back then it was enough for me:) Its just funny because back then I thought it was OUTRAGEOUS and now I watch it and think "Why isnt she gonna buy that metallic zebra dress, its rad."


Pete said...

My favorite part is the "Woman in shower" feature film... that´s so Italian!

Sue said...

I loved everything they tried on, except what they walk out with!!! Some great hats the mom tried on! Don't you think? My fav part - when the dad says "We've got lots of money!!!"