Thursday, March 5, 2009

Its a personal mission for me to bring back the BLACK FAGGOT BACK-UP DANCER!!

I cant say African American because I dont think these dudes are American so dont YELL AT ME?! If I ever make a dance hit Im having VERY GAY, VERY BLACK back-up dancers, its a sign of honesty to the genre. These guys even GOOSE-STEP?! ..WERK AFRO-NAZI REALNESS QUEEN!


Benoît Prévot said...

at the begining of the 70ies when I was a child I was in love with this singer and wanted to marry her, she was at this period the most popular singer in France.I think that spacer was one of her best record in her english singing period with the B devotions dancers !

blacker61 said...

Don't forget to mention that "Spacer" was a Chic production: the Edwards&Rogers duo made some of the best music EVER!!!