Sunday, March 29, 2009



Anonymous said...

Is that David Bowie and Elizabeth Taylor.
A really cool pic.
Wonder how Taylor is doing in life.
Have not seen hide nor hair of her in
a long time now.

David Mason said...

I thought it was tilda swinton and leslie lohan... oooops

Anonymous said...

Your likely right. What the heck do I know.

Anonymous said...

LOl but it is indeed Dave and Liz.
Its in the national portrait gallery in london. Here is a bit of history on it.
This Portrait
Terry O'Neill described the occasion the background to this photograph taken in Beverly Hills, California; 'David was two and a half hours late for his first meeting with Liz, which I had arranged at (the film director) George Cukor's house. He arrived disheveled and out of it. Liz was pretty annoyed and on the verge of leaving, but we managed to persuade her to stay. She was thinking of asking him to appear in The Blue Bird (1976), but she went off the idea after that.'

fang said...

that pickles and milk diet worked wonders on him. Thin White Duke indeed!