Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sorry Ive been lazy about blogging but I MET A MAGICAL WITCH!!!

I went to this "physical therapist" because I have never had a back problem going on this long, since mid december. All I can say is the lady is a MAGIC WITCH. If any of you have a chronic ailment that you need someone out of the loop to work on you with this lady is it?!?! I have gone to two chiropractors about 8 times and the problem never went away and now granted its still there but MUCH LESS. She had me do CRAZY KOOKOO stuff like lay on these pillows doggy style while she handed me a thin rag and told me to GRAB MY TONGUE AND PULL IT OUT AND DOWN HARD?!? I did and it released my back?! If you want to know how or why this supposedly happens I can tell you more. She also did this crazy thing where she lies you down, puts on rubber gloves and sticks her fingers in your mouth then says " DO YOU WANT ME TO GIVE YOU WARNING?!" um NO?!?! She presses hard on this nerve that you can only get to in your mouth and somehow it like reboots your entire system its FREAKY?!?! The experience is very hard to explain, she does it, and it sorta hurts and your like WHAT JUST HAPPENED did I just experience TIME TRAVEL?!. I want her to do it to me again RIGHT NOW!! I cant wait to go back next week. If any of you are in NYC or visiting and need some kind of physical therapy I can give you her number. Its worth it?! Its like nothing you have ever experienced.


Sue said...

I have never heard of this remedy! Glad to hear that you are feeling better though.

Anonymous said...

I love physical therapists - magical doctors that make you feel sooo good-

Anonymous said...

Wierd but if it worked thats great.
Some times alternative treatments
are way better then normal medicine.

Let us know if it helps for a long time.

David Mason said...

All I can say is every day I have felt better since, like its almost totally gone now and no sciatica. I cant wait to go back next week :)

Anonymous said...

I have a chronic back problem - not always there but popping up every now and again. My sister too. We're both in the city and would love to get her info... especially if you are still - a week or more later - feeling good. I'll email you directly and put magical witch in the subject.