Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This is why Francois RULZ... serving Doug Henning versus Tom of Finland realness!

No this is not his outfit from Episode three of Multinauts, though it should be!... Were shooting him in May and totally excited about it, though I gagged when he said he wanted to be a GOOD GUY?!!?!! and do you know why he said he wanted to be a good guy? BECAUSE IT WAS A TOUGHER ROLE?!?!?... FIERCE ANSWER!!!
If youre not sure what The Multinauts is its a "kids show" were making, its sorta rad and I get to be the main villain. Its a serious dream for me to be the villain on a kids show. I seriously thought to myself one day and asked if I could have any job I wanted it would be a villain on a kids show, and a month later I got asked to be one!? The villains were the few people I had respect for as a kid. I remember this actually troubling my mother. She didnt get it... or more likely she DID get it..... GAY.


Anonymous said...

OK, already, Witchypoo! We get it. But you suck at the hole/whole delivery. More teeth and more venom.. The kids will love it! C'mon, David, bring it already.
ps. when/where is Multinaughts even broadcast? I've looked, to no avail. We need you spikey cone-headed latex monster bad guy!
I'm just jealous.


David Mason said...

To be honest were just making the show for fun, I have no idea as far as broadcasting the shit. Im just having fun making it. I think were having the premier in May though... not sure. That entire part is just left to whoever elses job is to do it. Im just the bad guy and frankly I could be him in 100 episodes and never have it air. Its just fun to be the Supreme Executive.

Sue said...

I'd let Francois be whatever he wants to be so long as he is there. LOL!