Friday, March 27, 2009

This needs to be known by ALL!!! BODYBUILDERS ARE TRANNYS!

It constantly surprises me how people are surprised by this concept, and its not just known by everyone so Im just putting on here so everyone can be on the same page. Basically if you are on HORMONES for non medical reasons YOU ARE A TRANNY.
It doesnt matter which direction youre going, but so long as youre on the HORMONE HIGHYWAY youre riding in a TRANNY MOBILE!!! Just because Im a genetic male and I take "male oriented hormones" doesnt mean im not "transitioning". In a state when youre not on mones men and women are SHOCKINGLY SIMILAR so if I take roids and I become a MEGA DUDE Im still a TRANNY because youre going from a neutral state to a MAN MADE STATE. We all know that people are on a sliding scale when it comes to secondary sexual characteristics some guys may have strong male oriented secondary sexual traits to begin with i.e hairy, strong jaw etc, but if I take a touch of the "mones" then I become more masculine (In my case I never had chest hair really and nobody did in my family and now I have a hairy chest from the mones I took), I take a little more and suddenly Im MEGA MASCULINE and a MALE TO MALE TRANNY. This needs to be clarified, its not "NORMAL" to be in this state, just because my neutral state was "male" and I went MORE MALE doesnt mean im the same, Im now a full on MALE TO MALE TRANNY....The world needs to get it. Arnold... TOTAL TRANNY, A dude but a DUDE tranny. I almost wanna say male to male impersonator but because its actually in your body its hard to say but there is an element that is performative with it, I speak from experience. You cant help it, it just happens... bodybuilders are trannys, nothing wrong with it, in fact im intot it, duh, but I kinda wish more people could see it this way because I think it would open up the worlds eyes a tad and they could take from it whatever they want.


NICHOLAS said...

thought provoking...

i grew up on the central coast of california, and Fat Bob was the first person I met who ever introduced me to this gender bending concept (aside from annie lennox, of course). She goes just by Bob now, and was a female female impersonator. She does Burlesque shows in NY now... and I suppose any and everywhere. : )
As for taking 'roids... I want to suggest a really good documentary I recently watched...Bigger Stronger Faster... as you know. politically it's still such a hot button issue, and socially completely frowned upon, so that's a lot of the issue in the movie but it goes a little deeper. The subjects followed aren't themselves all that fascinating, but the implications, desires and consequences related to steroid use that the movie sheds light on make it worth watching alone.

just sending love your way...

Ruffy said...

Too funny!!!

David Mason said...

Its ridiculous that its frowned upon, because the other side of that same coin is that big dudes are WROSHIPPED BY ALL in america so its just that typical thing of saying one thing and doing another. They cant frown on hormones and then throw a party for that bloated-out pink skinned roid queen baseball player dude ( Mark Mcguire?) who broke the home run record who SO CLEARLY WAS JUICED AND GROWTH HORMONED OUT OF HIS MIND it was ridiculous but thats the way it is. If Arnold didnt do the juice nobody would have liked him and he wouldnt be the governor of California now... america loves a roidtard.

whitney said...

of course i am totally on board with you on this one.
just like a little boy who grows up to be a lady with tits looked at his body in the mirror and said "this is not who i am", so it is with almost any bodybuilder, gay or straight.

the refusal to accept your basic genetics/physical packaging is inherently TRANNY, and like you, i applaud that refusal.

i definitely overuse the word tranny- even now in the post-siriano world people still think of it only as descriptive of a dude who really wants to be a lady in the narrowest sense, but for me it is a much more general concept.

i see judith light in tons of makeup on ugly betty i think to myself: TRANNY.

i see john travolta trying to act straight, i think to myself: TRANNY.

i see an 8 yr old girl with a power drill, i think to myself: TRANNY.

bodybuilders are also incredibly trans in the way that their sexuality is much more tied up in looking and feeling a certain way and in being perceived that way than it is about how they pair with another or who they are attracted to. again, this bridges the gay/straight divide.

just as being an MTF tranny or a drag queen is not necessarily about thinking wow, i want a vagina and i want a hard dick inside it, but more about wanting to wield the visually seductive power of EXTREME femininity, so it is with bodybuilders, whether their fetish desire is to be perceived as the uberdude by others or by themselves, in the end, all trannies want to see in the mirror that thing that they identify with inside.

tranny makes the world go round.
it's bigger than roidtard.
much bigger.

David Mason said...

Thank you for that accurate "read" Whitney, youre smart and you crack me up... now off to the gym to get my tranny on.

youreviltwin said...

does whitney have a blog? i'd read that shit.

david/whitney: have you guys ever read that book 'chemical pink'? it's about a female bodybuilder who gets svengali'd by this creepy little dude who gets sexually turned on by vegetable dolls?

Anonymous said...

So, what are the MTM analogues to tucks, wigs and makeup???

NICHOLAS said...

Brava Whitney, well said.

Rashasha, the oiled up muscles ARE the tucks and wigs etc... It's the bulges that are gained. Think of the lovely evening gown being injected and pumped at the gym and flexing as the performance on stage.

whitney said...

thanks for the props, evil. i'll check that shit out.

rashasha- the bodybuilder "drag" ain't quite as universal as classic drag- but if i had to make analogues:

the tuck/fake tits: roids/swollen muscles
makeup: tattoos/tan
wigs: cropped hair/workout gear (GASP,UnderArmor, etc)

Muscled Dad said...

VERY cool and interesting post, DM, but you juicin' again?! [Thought you "seen the light" and sworn off].

David Mason said...

What makes you think that ?

NarcissusAU said...

This BLEW MY MIND. As a junior roidtard myself people would always ask me why I was getting so big. And I would always explain it to them in the context of a tranny!!
It always started "You know how a tranny feels like they were born in the wrong body..."

So your theory is actually how I've been explaining my lifestyle for the last year. Mental!!

Now I need to go eat.

Anonymous said...

tranny is short for transvestite, not transgender/transsexual, and also a derrogatory term.