Sunday, March 29, 2009

When is this gonna be on ITUNES?!?! I cant find it anywhere?!

I dont think Ive ever heard a song more FILTHY which is obviously what she was going for but to be honest, the song itself is pretty good and screams runway art house realness. I mean I dont think Ive ever wanted to be a lady, believe it or not, monster yes/ lady... not so much, BUT to be a Helmut Newton style broad who does DOMINATRIX WORK on the side of her modeling career would be pretty rad and IF I WAS that lady Id would have definitely "walked" to this song to a super classy cunting white crowd serving uber nazi realness while this song blared lyrics about shoving a yam up your grandmothers ass and putting Belgian waffles in my va-jj and I would do it ALL without cracking ONE FUCKING EMOTION.... If you dont know what Im talking about listen, just dont do it at work cause youll get fired.

Update: I wanna thank Altair for sending it to me!! Im headed to the gym right now listening to it whilst I runway clomp the streets of Manhattan giggling to myself like a crazy person with a big smile on face and nobody knows why!!


Mike said...

ha! i remember this one ~~ originally came out back '85 or '86 i think. there's some official junior mixes too that were released in '94 or so. my copies are long gone. :-(

Altair Drexel said...

i can send you a copy of Karen's Fear of Living CD which features remixes of Tales by Jr Vasquez (which is a hidden bonus track) and Johnny Vicious...send me your mailing info.

David Mason said... :)

Anonymous said...

All of her stuff is edgy...can't find Sushi Party of Utube though. That one is not as vile.

Gerry said...

Burning The Ground has some good mixes, too:

However, nothing beats the remix of Jump with Sinead O'Connor. My favourite line was 'After my mother washed me, powdered me, I insisted that she masturbate me. You wonder why I have panic attacks.'