Saturday, April 18, 2009

Daily dudes.

I know the last dude is faggoty but its still hot to me, not sure why , maybe cause it looks like he'd moan like a slut if you licked his cunty.


Anonymous said...

let's face it, faggoty IS the new sexy.

Gay dudes acting like straight dudes is tired.

The NEW hotness is all "we're here, we're queer, we're used to it and now we finally think it's hot."

If you're not sure why you think something is sexy, then it just is and doesn't have to be explained. So swish it up and rack up the fellas, MEEEHRRIE.

Anderson Cooper

Stan said...

I love the fishnet outfit! HOT!

Muscled Dad said...

Hell, I think the last guy would moan if he just THOUGHT that you were gonna lick his mancunt. So yeah, I agree it's a hot pic for any of us who love puckerhole. And speaking of which...when are we gonna get to see a shot of your Rican's winker?