Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fetish kookery of the day: HUMBLING PIE aka GOOMILIATION ( only by my friends and I) aka GUNGE

When I first started calling phone sex when I was like 14 or something (pre-internet) this dude used to have a message on the line that just said "PIE IN THE FACE!" in this hyper masculine voice over and over again. I got it, but I just liked pie too much to throw it away. A key lime meringue pie in the face of some dude though?!...YUM, I'd totally do it an lick it off his humbled face...Actually I dunno why im not more into this fetish, its sorta the best of both worlds.. HUMILIATION AND DESSERT?! I mean if you could combine a STRAWBERRY RHUBARB PIE with like some SEXY RICAN who ACTUALLY GOT OFF on PIE SEX , I'd TOTALLY throw on a BAKERS HAT and jump on board!

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WorkoutLA said...

Totally awesome and wacky! Hi David, thanks for the add---BTW, have youy heard of homopunk? More kookery!