Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fierce Imagery but ...Ouch?! Why do you have to like bite into my SIDE like that?!

Most predators have that " Go for the throat" thing down but not Ms. Mantis, She's more concerned about her FIERCE TRIANGLE BONE STRUCTURE and RAD TRANSLUCENT GREEN SKIN but who knows maybe she thought she did have the snake by the throat? I mean after all a snake is pretty much just a head and then neck all the way down as it is anyways, so maybe she thought she WAS going for the throat....Doesnt matter she looked hot trying and got points for nerve! I do sorta feel sorry for the snake though cause "Oouch?!, Thanks for the giant gash now you KUNT?!"


Sue said...

I thought they were both pretty cool. Why does nature have to be all eat or be eaten???

Anonymous said...

Dear David,

Corn snake? When did I have corn snake?

Martha Stewart

David Mason said...

martha , Youre gross ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the soundtrack - the loud lipsmacking and chewing of the mantis accompanied by jungle sounds.