Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ive been robbed.?!

This sucks but I finally realize that I have been robbed like three times at Crunch on lafayette. Im 99% sure of the guy who does it as another friend of mine tipped me off that this shadey dude is watching everyone open their lockers. If you go to Crunch Lafayette there is the doughy black dude who is ALWAYS -NON STOP "texting" or talking on the phone. He never looks up at you but miraculously finds a way to spend hours in the locker room and hang out RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. I didnt want to think he was stealing but he is. When I go there today Im complaining to the management as I know a couple of other guys already have as well. At first I thought I was crazy because the guy doesnt take your cards or anything just the large bills but today I know for sure that im not bonkers and that money most assuredly went missing. The guy has stolen about 500$ from me I think. I know having that much cash sounds weird but remember I pay for all materials and labor in CASH because you get a better deal so thats why I always have it on me. I want to kick the dude in the THROAT but as I cannot be 100% sure Im gonna just make note to the management which is less dramatic but more sensible.


Anonymous said...

You should make a hood / shirt that covers the head and sholders like this picture. It's hot. I'd buy it.

David Mason said...

its not a bad idea at all. I always have thought of doing something similar just wasnt sure if it would sell. people are weird about hoods, a lot of people love them but a lot of people just get FREAKED OUT with stuff around their head but I'll make a sample , why not :)

Manhandler said...

Gym locker rooms are always robbed. Never leave anything of value in them.

rashamon said...

you gotta find a way to catch him red handed. either a camera in the bag or one of those exploding ink bombs the banks use...

even if it's something subtle like invisible UV ink on the large bank notes that will leave stains on his hands.

Stan said...

Whether or not he's the perpetrator the guy sounds creepy.

Anonymous said...

You should beat da fuck out of that nigga!
No fuck it- I know exactly how he is
I'm gonna do it!
I'm gonna Kill that Nigga!
You don't Fuck wit da House of Vader- BITCH!
That's why Im gonna say to his bitch-ass
I'll getchu money back and then some

DacMorris said...

David: is your locker actually broken into each time? Your lock is missing when you return?

brando said...

I ran a 5K this past Saturday morning (the 25th) up in the Bronx and was planning on going to Atlantic City for a friend's birthday later that day.

So I kept my wallet and keys in a book bag and on our way to Port Authority from 23rd on the C to 42nd, someone reached into my bag and jacked me for my shit!!

I feel you man, it's been sucky these past few days trying to get a new license and even money considering I don't have a photo id to withdraw cash from my bank.

It's getting real out there with people out of jobs, I'm going to be more alert next time!

p.s. Who the hell is that Anonymous cat writing all that "kill nigga" nonsense?!?! Really dude?

Pawl said...

Today I TOTALLY SAW HIM!! I went to gym twice today! Once at 1pm and the other at night. In the begining of the day I was thinking "oh that guy is black and has a bad body... Maybe that's him...." then I thought "did this blog make me a 'racist'?".."that prob wasn't him"

Then the second time today;

At about 8 I was going in the shower and that guy was IN THE LOCKER ROOM AGAIN! And he was on his "treo" or something wearing an American flag sweater in the locker room... As if... Then after I got out of the shower and got dress THERE HE WAS being all shady with his flag sweater and his "earpiece", walking BACK AND FORTH BACK AND FORTH BACK AND FORTH. I kept trying to tale a picture of him but no dice.

And then I saw YOU in the locker room and it was a little too much for me, I felt like I was "inside the Internet" or something.

(yeah and an "anonymous" racist is THE WORST) (or a "racist" in general)