Sunday, April 19, 2009

OOOOOHHHH Gurl... No she didnt?!

Ok so Erik on Roids and Rants was nice enough and OPEN MINDED enough to post the new "shredder suit" pics which I know FULL WELL is a RIDICULOUS item but NOBODY ever said sex is sensible, in fact in my experience when its RIDICULOUS is when its REALLY GOOD! SO some queens ( a lot of queens actually) talked shit about the suit which is fine IF it didnt just come off like the SELF LOATHING GAY BULLSHIT that gets thrown on gays when theyre kids by BIGGER self loathing gays which at this point in my life I have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on. So I wasnt gonna just sit there and take it. Sorry but if a queen is gonna come for me she better be FUCKIN BULLET PROOF! Cause GURL DONT STAND FOR A SHITTY READ?!
This was the comment that sent me: Note the spelling of HEELS or the fact that he says Sarah Jessica Parker styling a look, which as much as I think SITC is gross PEOPLE ON MARS know that Patricia Field is the stylist not SJP?! I imagine he thinks LOST is a "reality series". His quote:
what no HEALS?
Quick...someone call Sarah Jessica Parker...she could style that up with a smart pair of MANOLO'S! what world is this MASCULINE?"

My rage appropriately ranted on Roids and Rants.:

"In what world is this masculine? The same world that youre in FAG. The one where being GAY is the LEAST MASCULINE THING POSSIBLE so dont hate on ME for your self loathing QUEEN. Im the one with the balls to make it and get fucked in it, if youve got a problem with it, say it to my face tough guy. I guarantee I could kick your ass, in this suit, AND look fuckin hot doing it.
Before you come for me about being masculine, get up off your dildo and ask yourself what your problem is with it and why everything MUST be masculine for it to be hot. You self loathing gays KILL me. You MUST be an old hairdresser, or landscaper, or florist or some TYPE CAST BITTER OLD FAGGOT whos trying to over compensate for being a gay and HATING IT, because I am a 34 year old FORMER HAT MAKER , the GAYEST JOB EVER, and I assure you Im more of a DUDE then you in my GAYEST MOMENT POSSIBLE simply based on the fact that I had the balls to wear this suit alone... Come for me... I DARE YOU! "

ps Credit needs to be given to Herodotus for the multiple layers of photoshopping that has been done to the original pic :)


Anonymous said...

Cheers to that man! Ur creations are awesome, however one decides to look at them

rashasha said...

OMG, u r such a fag! You win biggest fag in the world.

Of course I LOVE IT and I am super-jealous! You're an inspiration - I wish I had your wits, talent and balls!

Anonymous said...

people really had a problem with this suit?
i don't see what's so "feminine" about it.
and if it is high-faggotry (an idea that's completely subjective, i.e. meaningless), so fucking what?! are we not a bunch of faggots checking out fetish gear right now, or uhhh...did i miss something?

maybe it's cause i'm younger, but i never really could appreciate all the strict top/bottom, butch/queen, dip/shit "roles" that gay guys have traditionally imposed on themselves & eachother.

i mean, if you wanna look banjee as fuck cause you that's what you're into, sure, that's cool.
but when people start whining about "ewww yucky!! it's not str8 enough, i don't like it,"
i automatically think, "this must be an old person. definitely oldskool fag bullshit." which is ironic, since it's a very immature outlook.

david, that suit is fuckin HOT. period.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Erik pulled your comment.

youreviltwin said...

they NEVER should have chummed your water. i hope they enjoy their bloody stump[s]. rawk on, post-modern sexual theory freedom fighter, RAWK THE FUCK ON!

David Mason said...

No I think he just didnt read it yet because its like 4 in the morning there or something :)

David Mason said...

"chummed your water" is my favorite new expression!!! My evil twin is so FIERCE?!

Avenjer said...

This is such bullshit. They need to shut the fuck up! In my experience most of those "masculine" guys are the first ones on their backs with their heels pointing to Jesus. Their masculine outfits are just drag. No different than Lesbians who get all "butched up." And that's fine---if you can admit it to yourself the reality of it all. Top/bottom who cares? But they are so caught up in the belief that dressing like a straight guy some how makes them no longer a pussy?! Shut the fuck up you cunts and get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwhich.

Dave it's a hot outfit. One of your best in fact, and I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass. I want one. It's pure fantasy and it's hot. And you and your outfit have shown up on other blogs that were much more embracing. Take a look here:

You really need to market some slickitup to the hero fanboys.

Steve said...

RIGHT ON Dave - not only do you have the balls to design and wear that super-faggy AWESOME hot suit - you also have the wit, intelligence and eloquence to back yourself up against this sort of BS.

Keeep writing the blog and doing your thing - it's appreciated by the guys who get what you're doing.

Erik said...

Of course I didn´t pull Dave´s comment! I just woke up (it´s 3pm in Finland, 8am in New York I think) and saw it now for the first time.

Reading Vader every day I suspected that an appropriate answer to the comment would come from Dave and I was right

Sue said...

I dunno, I think its genious and extremely flattering on if you have the body for it (which you do). I still can't wait to see Sagat in it! Then all those pussies will shut up.

David Mason said...

Thanks for backing me up y'all!! Were a fierce gang now!! some might say a "house"

LUCIEN said...

Dave - We all have your back any day any time - But let me also stand shoulder to shoulder in agreement and acceptance of your words -so poignantly and perfectly prosed.
And then let stand out loud and proud in front of you too - cause for the record I'm buying my own shredded suit and working my ass off to afford it - cause lust and love and erotic adventures are only made with fun and self confidence and with all the extremes you can beguile and imagine your body. with a fun partner anything looks sexually alluring if you show it is just part of the fun whole man you are inside .

fang said...

the irony of all of this is i bet you guys any money that if that bitter old queen had seen it on Cher back in the day she'd have been all ova it like a rash.

D, you hit the nail right on the head: lame and ever so slightly boring.!

Gregus said...

Great post! I remember looking at the pic the first time and feeling a degree of confusion as it really did challenge my preconceived notions of what's hot. I was so confused I had to go back several times ;)

This said, the one thing I am trying to learn (I know it, but can't quite implement it) is that it's frequently not the item of clothing itself that's's what's IN the item of clothing. Marketers rely on this of course. A hot person can make *almost* any item of clothing look fucking hot! You then lay down the dollars to buy it, get home...and somehow it doesn't look quite as good on you :)

All this to say, YOU look amazing in it. Good for you!

faginlove said...

As I always say: "If they are so scared of a few clothes, how good can they be in bed?"

Stephen said...

I was really surprised to see that people think this is not masculine. It's totally hot! You look good in it, and I really like all the stuff you design. Wish I had the body to wear it, but somehow I can't imagine it on a big ole bear like myself.
Open your fucking minds you damn queens! I'm 48, and I think your stuff rocks! I am tired of reading all these posts from unimaginative, bitter queens. Why hate? If its not your thing, move the fuck on!
The clone years are SO over!
I always say, if you're not hurting someone, and its not illegal, then let your FREAK FLAG FLY!
Keep rockin