Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Schadenfreude..."Marcia thats AWESOME!"

Its not getting me karma points but its just nice to see when these fake people who ACT GROSS get punished for it. I mean that fake "omg gasp" she was doing was totally uncalled for and just needed to be stopped...Thanks Miss God! Now saying this I did sit here a few weekends ago and watched "Bob Mackies wearable art" for two hours whilst applying spikes and pyramid studs to a Mugler Jacket for that kids show were making... dont believe me... Have a look...
OH speaking of, Check out this INSANE Mugler Jacket I missed out on on Ebay, I wanted it for my henchwoman on the kids show for when we crash the "bar for multidimensional lifestyles" it would have been so perfect for going UNDER COVER in a SPACE GAY BAR, it went for 1225.00 which it deserves and you KNOW I was outbid by Patricia Field or Lady Gaga or SASHA FIERCE or something?!?!

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Sasha Mugler said...

Mugler is LIFE doll...that rainbow jacket thingy is crazy