Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So someone FINALLY did it. Thank you EUROPA

Finally a major corporation has recognized that DUDES GET OFF ON SNEAKERS and gay or straight the idea of making a dude lick your high tops is HOT! A photographer friend of mine proposed this idea, and Im sure a million other fags have too, to NIKE and they OF COURSE turned it down so good for Diesel for doing it, though Id never be CAUGHT DEAD in a diesel high top...LADY MUCH?!
I must stress: The idea of a guy TRYIN IT in a Diesel high top makes me blink and rub my eyes and then BARF when I realize he means it. DO NOT FOLLOW THIS AD. Its FIERCE but not hot in the real world. If youre considering either trying to dom a dude or realize its ok to wanna lick a dudes sneakers youre FREE TO DO IT IN WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE- TO EACH HIS OWN, but Im just saying if youre gonna buy ME high tops they better be Nikes, they better not be ON SALE, and they better be HOT. If you bought me Diesel high tops Id seriously be insulted, not even joking. You may as well hand me a PLUMMED HAT and call me LADY DOILY.


Herodotus said...

But But you hand out 'plumed' hats all the time! Isn't that why the birds of NYC are after your ass?

Anonymous said...

diesel? really? ew.


David Mason said...

Yeah I hand out plummed hats to LADIES!!!

David Mason said...

I like the nike lick pic whoever you are :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Doily,

What if said Diesel sneakers were filthy nasty?

Isn't the most subversive behavior when you violate your personal edicts to satiate higher lusts?

Otherwise, it's just a tea party.

Chuck Taylor

Bjp said...

WHY the old guy??

By the way the young model, is in the ads for tom ford, hes hot in that am to gay for you type of way.

Anonymous said...

The old guy makes it hot!! it's an old guy, maybe an executive, who pays a pretty young guy to let him lick his sneaks. it's a power play all around. I think it'd be WAY less hot if it was a young hot guy licking the shoes.