Wednesday, April 29, 2009

These were all take from Still Life with Monkey and Cigarette

Click HERE to visit the site or go to the link in the side bar. Its a good one. R.I.P Bea! You were as fierce as they come!


Stan said...

R.I.P. Bea.

Herodotus said...

A favorite memory of Bea Arthur took place at the Kahala Hilton during brunch. A friend was pressing her to try the macaroni salad. In her great deep voice she firmly stated "There are 2 things I refuse to do! I do not eat macaroni salad and I do not give Head!"The dinning room roared w/ laughter and applause! Thank you, Bea! for the joy and the laughter!!!

Bjp said...

they don't make like that any more.

did you black gay guys love BEa Arthur. even the gay thugs

Anonymous said...

Dear Brandon Joseph Pierre,

Yes, as a black gay guy, I loved BEa Arthur...especially when she would bust a cap in Rose's ass.

Martha Stewart

LUCIEN said...

I say we all gather around a great big cheesecake on the kitchen table at Dave's house and eat it all night long - in honor of the passing of the eptiome of the GOLDEN GIRL ;and most shining of stars