Thursday, April 2, 2009


I thought putting them out in a new PASTEL GREEN was gonna split my mind but this news really throws me! Peep flavored lip balm?! AWESOME.... GROSS!!! Now I dont have to eat the gross thing I can just rub it on my lips and IMAGINE the SPARKLY EASTER TIME GOODNESS of PSYCHEDELIC MARSHMALLOW BABY CHICKENS!!! Its if or when youve ever hooked up with a dude with a look thats just sorta "Ehhh" like the kind of dude youd do "in a pinch" but he happens to have a HOT DONG... My powers of IMAGINATION come in handy in many forms.... Thank you Paul for the tip!!!


Paul said...

Just the tip!

the mrs said...

How is it even "Vanilla" flavored. If Peeps tasted like vanilla, or ANYTHING AT ALL, I would probably devour them. But they are devoid of any flavor. Even the texture is dissapointing. So I ask, as I do every year, why, WHY the fascination with peeps, people?

Joel said...

Put a Peep in the microwave. Transformer Peep!