Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Awww shit YO! , Funky white broad got jungle fever!

You know some german producers was all like "Zee SCHWARTZ iz VERY POPULAH now unt America.. Spike Lee is KOOL YA!!"
It takes a couple seconds to start but its worth it! and YES she has " D O " written on her boobs on a spandex shirt. She SUCKS SO AWESOME!


Bjp said...

Oh GOD!!! thats so sad and fabulous, i love it. i do like the hair cut, but that hat with hot glued guned flower, just bad.

Jason said...

Um also, what's up with the scenes from BEN-HUR spliced in-between the neon funkiness? Nothing says "Celebration" like to-the-death-1st-century-AD-chariot-racing.