Sunday, May 31, 2009

DEADLIEST WARRIOR- The latest in gays of the future masturbation material

Has anyone else seen THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR on basically gay without the load in the butt SPIKE TV?! Its sorta ridiculously AWESOME. Its what I DREAMED OF when I was a kid! The shows concept is pitting the GREATEST WARRIORS OF ALL TIME against one another...which makes NO SENSE but is sorta FIERCE. The shows subject matter will seriously be like SPARTAN vs NINJA or GLADIATOR vs APACHE or next weeks I.R.A vs Al QAEDA?!?! I shit you not the final episode is the I.R.A versus AL QUEDA for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT!!!?!
As a kid I would have GAGGED for this as I semi played D&D and could talk about arms and armor ALL DAY but this show takes it a step further and these FAKE ASS but USUALLY SEXY "experts" in the field talk about why the dude they like to jerk off about having sex.. er I mean fighting is the DEADLIEST WARRIOR but they way they are sorta forced to brag about the dude they like makes them come off a little bit more like DUELING GIRLFRIENDS arguing why THEIR MAN is the bigger stud. They do stuff like cut pigs in half with broad swords and impale skeletons filled with jello with hallebards but it of course MAKES NO SENSE because its always like someone who has a projectile weapon versus a big buff dude so OF COURSE the person with the GUN or CROSS BOW or GRENADE is gonna win versus the FIERCE DUDE in the ASYMMETRICAL BODY ARMOR, LEATHER THONG, and NET.... but of course the dude in the thong and asymmetrical armor won before the first punch was even thrown as far as I'm concerned.


youreviltwin said...

this show sounds AMAZING, lol.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Where is the hunky-ass knight pic from? Must have the entire set STAT.