Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Desert Shoot by Tim Palen

Friday Im going to the desert with Francy, some KOOKERY is planned. I'll have documentation of that kookery once I get back. Im excited about it!


gavin said...

Fuck you are hot!

Why don't you do porn?

Wouldn't it be a great way to promote your gear?

You and Wolfpek, Herodotus, et al should turn your weird fantasies into supernatural porn videos.

David Mason said...

Im not an exhibitionist and have control issues.

gavin said...

Of course you're an exhibitionist — look at all the modeling of your own designs you do and pics you post of yourself.

You're scorching hot.

And if you have control issues, maybe you should direct the videos.

You are so wildly creative, I would LOVE to see what you make everybody do.

It should be all fantasy and sci-fi; weird like Herodotus' pictures.

I have half a mind to start making pornos like that myself, now! It's never been done before — freaky fantasy stories with rich and believable production values.

I'm sure someone will do it some day ...

gavin said...

I thank you and your friends for having such vivid imaginations.

You hit spots I didn't know I had for hitting!

Sue said...

Have tons of fun and bring back those way hot photos of Francy!

Jimbo said...

You prove yet again that you yourself are the best model for your own creations. You look freakin' incredible!

Race said...

Include some behind the scenes ones too. The money shots are awesome, but the others are fun too. Let's see what you and Francy can get into!