Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fiercest TV show intro youve never seen.

I like the way she says "tilt" too .."Teal!" I like to imagine that shes actually just singing a song celebrating the fiercely heinous color TEAL. Like just dancing around yelling "teal!" like its such a great thing a song and dance needs to be devoted to it, AND I THINK IT DOES!?! I think more songs should just be like this, a fiercely danceable beat with just a celebration subject like "Strawberry rhubard pie" or " Thong" or I TOTALLY get into dancing to the song simply titled "FUSCIA"!
Teal is my friend Jennifers favorite color. She says if your favorite color is purple or teal youre a crazy person, and my favorite color is purple so I guess were just bonkers together and thats a nice thing.


Anonymous said...

the intro must have completely blown their load what could possibly be left for the actual show?

Whitney Ray said...


the mrs said...

Uh, holy shit!!!
I would like to thank the wonderful people of Italy for making the most out of greenscreen technology. IOt got to new levels we haven't seen since. It got DEEP. And I love all you goombahs for it.