Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I found these "MAYBE A G.E.D" fuckers advertising on youtube against gay marriage in NEW YORK?!

HATERS There is a paid advertisement on youtube, not a clip, which is by the hate group The National Organization for Marriage. Its pretty fucked up being youtube is accepting money for this.
Hopefully their "market" is as financial insufficient as their education. Sorry to be a TOTAL RASCIST but unfortunately I HAVE TO BE because this is led by a RELIGIOUS LATIN GROUP so Im gonna READ THEM. It SHOCKS ME when a MINORITY GROUP goes after another MINORITY GROUP as if it helps them ASSIMILATE and now their friends with RICH WHITE PEOPLE ummmm SORRY but NO you IS BROWN you aint never gonna be white and those rich honkeys who you think youre gonna be friends with have worse things to call you then BROWN. Believe me, I come from there and you are NOT EVER going to be considered equals with these people no matter how much you hate on others. Its soooo ridiculous how some latin groups think if they vote "white" it makes them LESS LIKE A BLACK PERSON and MORE WHITE, um WRONG?! They need to know hate is hate is hate and if you think youre gonna move up the food chain by hating on a GAY you HAVE ANOTHER THING COMIN because BELIEVE ME when I say ANY rich old HONKEY would rather have a GAY move next store then a person of color. Sorry but its true, its awful but its true. Why? because at least if a gay moves next store they might get hate on but at least the property values dont go down, in fact they most likely go up, and all white people care about is THEIR MONEY. Minority communities voting republican are DEEPLY confused if they think by hating on another group its going to win them any special favors. The only thing their going to get from it is a loss of equal rights and being SECRETLY MADE FUN OF by the honkeys who they voted for. I know this because Im fron upstate New York which is MEGA WHITE and MEGA HATEFUL and I know the secret thoughts of serious honkeys and belive me they are NOT INTO your BROWN ASS in any way shape or form. The latins in Florida pull this stunt with voting every time and its only gonna bite them in the ass. Same as the African Americans in California who voted for prop 8.
The ad was this latino couple with a BABY ( barf), that im gonna have to pay for with my tax dollars, and then you click on it and its some blatino couple WITH A BABY (mega barf), then you go deeper and its a couple of OLD CRACKERS (triple barf), who I'm also gonna have to pay for, saying GAYS ARE LESS THEN and shouldnt have equal rights basically. SORRY BITCH at least more then HALF MY PEOPLE GOT A JOB... OK?!?!?!? Go read a book, and the bible doesnt count!! I so hate these PIOUS LATINO ADULT CHILDREN and OLD UNEDUCATED CRACKER FUCKTARDS thinking they have the right to say who can and cant have equal rights. As if, in my experience, MOST OF LATINOS ARENT INTO DUDE ON DUDE SEX, all you need to do is WIGGLE YOUR ASS in front of a str8 latin dude and hes ready to STICK IT IN, so STOP TRYING! YOU ALL GAYZ and we both know it?!?!
I wrote them a fake religious hate letter cause I figured theyd care less if it came from a gay so I just LIED and pretended I actually care about that bullshit and told them their going to hell for hating on GODS CHILDREN. I also wanna write a letter to Youtube shaming them for accepting their ad but to be honest im going to the gym now and will deal with it later. I have priorities!

update. there is no contact email for youtube so I wrote their advertising contact as only an email offering money will be looked at and Im following the instructions on youtube itself about how to deal with a hate group and contacting the anti-defamation league and I wrote a letter to HRC. Im really grossed out that youtube would accept advertising from a HATE GROUP like the National association for marriage. Gross on them!!! Here are the tips posted on youtube, please lets others know about this message if you think its important. If not just enjoy the porn:
Tips for confronting hate speech on YouTube from the Anti-Defamation League.

Flag: Flag the offensive video for review by the YouTube team. Make sure to include why you thought the video was hateful.

Think: Perspective is crucial. Think before you respond, and try to respond in a thoughtful, careful manner.

Speak: Post videos or comments that oppose the offensive point of view. Let the YouTube community see a competing perspective.

Applaud: Don't forget to post positive comments on videos that share positive messages.

Talk: Talk to your friends, teachers, or family about what you've seen.

Learn: Many groups publish information about combating particular kinds of prejudice, such as the Anti-Defamation League's resources on anti-Semitism.

E-mail: Notify groups like the Anti-Defamation League, which keep track of trends in hate speech.

Act: Take active steps to combat prejudice online and offline.


Sue said...

1) You are so right about racists hating people of color worse than white gays. I too lived upstate, so I know.

2) The way to communicate with YouTube is to flag the videos as offensive and leave comments as to why. But how can we find the video?

David Mason said...

Its not a video, thats the fuck over. Its actually a paid advertisement on youtube. Its not a clip. Its shadey because youtube has accepted payment for this.

Whitney Ray said...

wow, boo. you ain't scared.

and it's SO goddamn true.

Unknown said...

I knew rich white people were evil!

And honky is so 1970's Jeffersonian. Now its 'cracka ass crackers', boo.

T.E.W. said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I sent them an email from my end.

David Mason said...

Thanks t e w !!!

Anonymous said...

i think u should stick to photos....