Sunday, May 31, 2009

I watched the 60 minutes Anna Wintour thing on the Sword and now I have to RANT..

First of all I have been to Vogues offices several times and its SURPRISINGLY DUMPY, like photos seriously peeling off the walls in the lobby, but now I realize what do you expect from the 72 most powerful magazine out there?!
The entire concept of the magazine is to keep EVERYONE FOOLED and trick them into believing that VOGUE is important and fashion is GLAMOUROUS. Theyre SO not, and the business is gross. If you dont believe me head to the CENTER OF AMERICAN FAHION 7th ave and 38th st and see how fuckin glamourous it really, its a PEST HOLE! Sorry but American powerhouse designers havent made anything interesting ever I think. I mean seriously Ralph Lauren is one of the biggest if not THE biggest advertiser globally in fashion, have you EVER looked at ANYTHING Ralph lauren, WHOS REAL NAME IS RALPH LIFSHITZ btw, has designed and thought WOW THATS INTERESTING?!...and that could be said about EVERY MAJOR AMERICAN DESIGNER EVER.. But dont think this means I think EURO FASHION IS BETTER.... BELIEVE ME ITS WORSE! Im just saying anything creative or worth merit happens to come from Europe or the U.K. and Vogue magazine is not fierce and Im sick and tired of them trying to cram it down my throat that it is.. but maybe the fact they they have to keep trying is the proof that a lot of people think the same way I do and theyre just desperately grasping at straws trying to get people on board with their shit-show train... Thanks but I bought the ticket 15 years ago as a BABY GAY and ID LIKE TO GET OFF NOW... and STAY OFF... FOREVER THANK YOU.
Vogue magazine ranks 72 in the top one hundred magazine subscriptions in America.. THATS a C-!!! HA HA !!. EBONY, PLAYBOY and MAXIM have WAY more readers/POWER...Vogue sucks and its for lame fags or worse LAME WOMEN, if you HAVE to look at a fashion magazine get ITALIAN VOGUE the editorials are a million times better... not to mention they did a nice little piece on me... :)


Anonymous said...

David can you please explain in layman's terms why everyone kisses Anna Wintours' ass? I have read the press on her, saw the movie based on her and googled her name to read some of her history and granted, anyone who drops out of school at 16 and can make a life for themselves as she has done I give a lot of credit too. Having said that, she is an elitist snob in how she treats people, she is not remotely attractive or fashionable (especially that gawd aweful hair!) and frankly I don't think anyone can even relate to her..isn't that the one skill a "fashionista" needs, to communicate with people?!?!?!

It is 2009, nobody needs her or her magazine. While I enjoy the photography and some of the ads there really are better ways for up and coming designers or businesses to create brand awareness about them or their product, no? It makes me wonder if everyone in fashion really is "weak" and lack the self-esteem to come into themselves due to their own power and talent.

Herodotus said...

Thanks Dave for the TRUTH! My best buddy upon a time designed for Calvin Klein and what I learned from him is that most of these big name designers actually design NOTHING!Its all about the marketing! And yes; 7th Ave. is not much better than a gas station toilet!

youreviltwin said...

hasn't Vogue's readership been exponentially dwindling in the last many years, too? i've bought Vogue a FEW times (like, less than 5 times ever, probably more like 3) and it is seriously unreadable. when there is a cover story, it's maybe a page long. there's also about a million pages of shit like designer PENS and stuff like that. dumb.

Anonymous said...

tell 'em! it's such a bummer to see the baby gays gagging over boring dainty ladyness. by and large, fashion SUCKS. the industry, the "scene," the people who work in it, the "fashion world"'s garbaggio.

with a few interesting exceptions, that is..

David Mason said...

Im sooo glad you dudes agree, its just dumb.

david razzano said...

sooooo agree! i havent even looked at a vogue mag since i was a wee fag at F.I.T. ! it sucks! i also worked in some of the american design houses an you are right ,NOTHING is designed. its all ripped off from european shopping trips an reworked(watered down) in asian factories. i actually got in trouble at one house for ,dare i say it, picking up a pencil an illustrating new designs,no joke!!

the mrs said...

Wait, it's so hard to tell, you don't like Vogue? I can't tell? Maybe if you went into a little bit more detail?

LUCIEN said...

Vogue is terribly Declasse"

Race said...

Wait a minute--Italian Vogue did a piece on you? Cool! Now THAT would be interesting....

Anonymous said...

Vogue means nothing in my opinion.
What I wanna know Dave and this
is off topic but why do those
designers always show their clothes
on men and women who look like they
havent ate in the past 10 years.
Anyone who is that thin must be
on welfare and couldt afford the clothes anyways.
Everytime I think of the fashion business, I think of that Leonard
Cohen song First we take Manhatten

David Mason said...

"I dont like your fashions, mr....." isnt that the lyric.

Anonymous said...

that is indeed the song
I dont like those drugs
that keep me thin
I dont like what happened to
my sister.
First we take Manhatten
Then we take Berlin

I think its on youtube