Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just bought a couple t-shirts that are very "H.O.V"

The needle shirt was recommended to me by a COOL FOLLOWER of Vader and then I found it on a site cales 80s PURPLE so with a name like that I figured I couldnt go wrong and bothered to look and found the Thumper T and I like purple, Thumper and axes so its sorta the perfect T for me as well?! Now I know you think "axes" how can a person like axes but I DO....Why? Because I used to just sit there and doodle the "perfect battle axe" in math class when I was supposed to be learning stuff. I also always thought executioners were sexy as a kid and He-man had a fierce axe and all good Dungeons and Dragons dudes worth their salt have an SEXY AXE, not a lame SWORD!!! Btw if you are drawing the perfect battle axe it HAS to have a nick or two in it like the one on the shirt, it was all about getting that PERFECT NICK...its kinda like the boy version of when you QUEENED OUT and you drew BUBBLE LETTERS and you had to get that perfect "faux gloss sheen" on the corners of the letters.


Sue said...

Buffy always had a perfect battle axe. Do you remember it? It was in the show's opening sequence.

David Mason said...

Really? I never saw that show. and dont worry we'll make a lady sandwich out of you soon enough.

Dan Jenkins said...

There is nothing hotter than a boy in an executioner's hood.

Or a gas mask.

Loves me a hot body with a non human head on top.

David Mason said...

Me too!

youreviltwin said...