Tuesday, May 12, 2009

La was fun!

I had a great time in LA as usual! I had an awesome time seeing MOST of my friends, except for CUNT-FACE RUBEN?! ;), and spent 5 days shooting with Francy and he couldnt have been nicer! I was a little worried before we hung out because I usually have a hard time just having a drink with someone I dont really know so I was really surprised to find how cool Francy was and how easy he was to hang out with let alone hang out with for 5 days.
We had a great time doing the shoots, hanging out by the pool and having the GAYEST CONVERSATION EVER where we all decided that if you compared GAY PORN HOUSES with FASHION HOUSES Colt would be Chanel, Falcon is YSL, Treasure Island Is Alexander Mcqueen, Bound gods is Leger, Titan is Valentino and Hot house is Ralph Lauren....It doesnt get GAYER! I also learned how much its might kinda suck to be him. You really cant go anywhere with out gays BUGGIN YOU. I mean I suggested he invest in a HAT, but still. One dude ran up and said "Whats my name?!" It was creepy and weird. As if its Francys job to remember all the people who chat with him. Whats was more shocking was that he DID?!?! We ended up doing four great shoots with him and the nicest/ coolest/ super talented photographer on the west coast TIM PALEN and with my super good friend / mega watt talent / most popular girl to be around JENNIFER STRATFORD who shot Francy for our kids show MULTINAUTS. The pics were sorta FIERCLY INSANE but I cant show them to you yet :( but I will soon promise!
The attached pics are just us having fun in la. La has purple trees and the best cake, thats rad! The girl in the pics is Jennifer Stratford whos basically a GAY DUDE because she gets all giddy around muscle and asked to take a picture with all of us at dinner, and she TOTALLY BLUSHED when we turned her into a LADY MEAT SANDWICH!


Chris said...

Glad you had a great time in LA, David. Saw you at Gold's yesterday, but didn't wanna bother you during your workout (plus, you seemed to be talking to an overzealous fan, heh heh). Hurry back!

Sue said...

So glad you had a great time in la la land with Francy et al! I cannot wait to see the pics, but I guess I have to! Hey, anytime you feel the urge to make a lady sandwich, just call me and I will blush for you too!

Mathieu said...

JEALOUS! And I would SO be one of those gays that come swooning up to Francy. Here I am in Paris and not one single glimpse. And I even go to Club Med Gym Palais Royal. Hear that Francy?

Anyway if I get to NY next month I'm totally stalking you too so watch out.

Manhandler said...

Can I just be superficial for a moment?

What a big gorgeous stud you are!

(Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

David Mason said...

:) thanks Will :)