Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sexy dude serves gay PREMIUM POLISH SAUSAGE...in your PUKA (which I guess is hawaiian for HOLE)- Thanks for tip Whitney and Race

Just like in MONACO?!...Queen..Please. Hes not gonna let you suck his dick because you mention youve been to COTE D'AZUR?!. Stop lying cause HE CAN TELL and now youve made him feel more awkward and hes not even going to look at you cause youre creeping him out cause youre a GAY WHOS TRYIN' IT and filming him STUFF A PREMIUM POLISH SAUSAGE INTO YOUR BUN and hes thinking it will now probably end up on some SLEAZY GAY BLOG?!! and hes RIGHT, BUT dont worry dude I got your back. I think the dude is creepy for lying and trying to come off RICH by referencing something FANCY because hes NOT EXACTLY FETISH HOT. When will the gays get that fancy ( i.e labels, fancy places, expensive cars, etc) ARE NOT HOT?! Nothing is hotter then a BROKE ASS HOTTIE in a BUSTED CELICA who wants to take you to CHILIS and then FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT.


Whitney Ray said...

first of all, 100% with you about the broke ass hottie/busted celica/chili's meal/shitshow fuckfest reigning supreme.

second, i love how the hot kid at the counter DOES NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE the tryory of monaco, it just dims the wattage on that crazy hot smile.

third, if you go to the website for puka dog, you discover that "puka" is hawaiian for "HOLE" and they actually use the tagline "A HOLE LOTTA FLAVOR". this makes me love them even more- and i loved them already, because honestly, a huge grilled polish in a fresh baguette with a choice of 4 hot sauces and insane condiment options is pretty much giving me a semi anyway.

gavin said...


Good calls, Mr. Mason

rashasha said...

Well, I think both poor boys and fancy boys can be hot, but. I nod my head in agreement that Princess Grace in a baseball cap did not play that to optimal advantage.

Perhaps Mr. Mason will detour to Hawaii apr├Ęs L.A. And show us how it's done?