Saturday, May 16, 2009

Slack jawed, eyes watering because theyre popping out of my head and need lube, forgot to breath....My first 30 seconds with Sara Carlson and friends.

I didnt watch past 30 seconds though, but I dont think I had to. I took it ALL IN. Remember those two dancers on the side in the beginning are dudes which is rad, and then is that lady supposed to be singing over her own vocals?! Because shes totally out of synch and they have the sound wrong, isnt it supposed be that the track is WAY LOUDER then the actual vocals so you can "sing" and "dance" at the same time? Because the way it is now the vocals are way louder which is like a DOUBLE WHAMMY of badness because shes not only out of synch but you hear how bad she really sounds AND know shes a fake! You know what makes this performance BETTER so whoever did it is a genius and I fell for it and theyre a thousand times smarter then me.

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Aaron said...

Whoa.. Heatherette meets Cats the broadway musical!