Friday, May 1, 2009


I was NEARLY RAPED by TWO 6' 5" BLACK MEN last night?!?! Ok well I wasnt almost raped, but they did talk about my ass when I walked by! (thanks) I HAD to get a picture of these DUDES. They were FIERCE and NOT drag queens mind you. They were BOTH taller then me making them about 6 7" and 6 5" BOTH in SPANDEX LEGGINGS, BOTH had OVER SIZED PURSES and ONE of them working a BOWLER HAT?! If I actually spoke to my racist crazy father Id love to show him this picture of the TWO GIANT BLACK MEN who FOLLOWED ME HOME last night?!, just to watch him gag as he realized they were less RUTHLESS PRISONERS and more RUTHY POINTER!!!?!


atthehouseofvader said...

Please remember this the next time you start thinking I-hate-NYC-it's-played-out. Ladies like these are not walking around the streets of WeHo dishing shit to beefy white boys.

Stan said...

When walking the streets of NYC NOTHING shocks or surprises me anymore. Next time try holding the camera more steady.

David Mason said...

I was trying to but these were FAST MOVING LEGGY LADIES , I was just trying to keep up, not get noticed, and get a clear pic. Believe me I tried!