Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fetish kookery of the day: Riot police (Spanish, Iranian and Peruvian)

Once I saw these pics I started looking up riot police pics, gear, etc and I found out from looking into gear supply stores that these guys arent just in it for a job, they CRAVE to wear this stuff and REALLY WANNA DOMINATE people, misdirected HOMO LUST is often VERY HOT!!! This one site sold a FIERCE pair of gloves called DOMINATOR RIOT GLOVES which I thought outed them as closet fetishists in the best possible way.
ps Is it wrong to say that first pic is my BUKAKE FANTASY?! ID BLOW THEM ALL!!!..well maybe not the frst one but if he had a good attitude , yes.


Sue said...

I can attest that Spanish Policia were HOT! I was there and I saw! Um, the firemen too. Oh, yeah and men in general.

Anonymous said...

those suits in the third photo...geezus...check out those codpieces! you know those cops were feeling extra-special that day.