Saturday, June 20, 2009

I cant stand Lorraine!

Weve had something like 23 days of rain so far and going by my iphone, which isnt very accurate, we are set to have more rain all week. THIS SUCKS. People are NOT having it. I mean when I got in my attempted Reginald Denny realness moment with my taxi driver I thought it was a random thing but yesterday I saw TWO fights during the DAY involving drivers and ANGRY PEOPLE, not to mention my friend DUANE got in a fight, and my multiple therapist friends patients are are the brink of SUICIDE...I was already angry two weeks ago with just the shitty weather then, but now its so bonkers im glad I got my rage out when I did because if I hadnt by now Id be BONKERS MULROONEY but instead im just like "Whatever... NEW YORK blows." Im planning on testing LA for a month in October and then maybe moving if I think I want to in December. Weather is a bigger deal then you think, and no matter what you say the winter kills more people EVERY YEAR then does any EARTHQUAKE that happens once every ten years.


gavin said...

Then you'll just be complaining that it never rains in L.A. all year!

Don't you already know what L.A. is like? I thought you lived there before.

You just want to test what running your business from there would be like and the current social scene?

Anonymous said...

we both know you're stuck here bitch. you know la, i know la, and i know you know you can't do that scene year-round. you need ny. and dare i say it, we need you! you just need a vacation.

David Mason said...

Im semi stuck here. I do need a vacation. I would be happy if I could just work in both places and spend like 3 months in each place back and forth throughout the year. I need to chill out, im too wound up lately.