Saturday, June 13, 2009

If anyone every asks you what "real" means...THIS is REAL?! It does NOT GET any more REAL.


Mat Jack said...

Yeah, leave it to you to compile the most trashy videos one could ever find. Loved it! More!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Manages to be an affront to Madonna, Liza Minnelli, Marilyn Monroe, the Kennedys, drag queens, girdles, brass beds, encyclopedia sets, picture frames,videocassettes, top hats, door frames, and Greeks all at once.

I had a much better routine worked out to "Get Into the Groove" in my bathroom mirror at age 14.

David Mason said...

Yeah somebodys dad, co-worker, guidance counselor, car salesman whatever he is really "went there" for us. And yeah is it cunty of me to say its just shitty? I mean stop pretending you know the words and just turning around every time you dont know them, i mean theres a mirror on the other side so we can see you not knowing them. Its like its the first time hes EVER allowed himself to sing along to Madonna and just went ALL OUT, in his own weird way where he dressed up like a weird dancer lady from the 40s and somehow that equals GLAMOROUS and that somehow also equals MADONNA?! Its high art and I love it.

Anonymous said...

It's proof that straight guys are JUST as freaky as any of us...cuz, gurl, had that been a fag, he would have known EVERY word to the Madonna song. But accuracy is highly over-rated... I think she's FIERCE!!!

David Mason said...

I think youre right.

gavin said...

Uhh ... real TRITE, maybe.

The world needs another Madonna, Liza or Monroe impersonation like it needs more advice from Dick Cheney.

And what's with the non-performance? He's not even trying to alter his Joe Schmoe accent!

He's just pacing back and forth, muttering to himself and emitting a few half-assed gestures.

That's not a performance or a show!


Insert a padded cell behind him and ALL WILL BECOME CLEAR.

brando said...

No lie, I honestly thought that was Mike D from The Beastie Boys in drag at first. Am I alone in this?