Friday, June 5, 2009

Kate Moss and SNOW WHITE (curious pairing) still the faces of HOUSE OF CRAZY

Im surprised he or she whoever posts these around town hasnt gone for someone else yet besides SNOW WHITE and KATE MOSS. Though it is an OBVIOUSLY GENIUS PAIRING.
Can I tell you why im not into Kate Moss? Because her entire concept is what she LACKS not what she HAS. I prefer my models to be BOLD and HAVE THINGS. Like JERRY HALL or GRACE etc etc etc. I want my model to have CRAZY EYES and a GIANT MOUTH or super long legs and NO HEAD (Nadia). I dont go for the Kate Moss school of "SHE HAS NOTHING ISNT THAT GREAT" concept. When people say that shes their favorite model I just think "I dont ever wanna hear your opinion again, and I think you have the meaning of life TOTALLY WRONG and I know we'll never be friends. Please never talk to me again lamb person whos chooses the most obvious of everything as their PERSONAL "identity". That person always just makes me think " What are you doing from NOW until the day you die? Are you just here being manipulated by culture or are you actually making decisions.
Sorry Im crabby , too much rain and Im still angry about last night. It angers me that people think I dont have the right to be angry and aggressively defend myself after being called a faggot. When am I allowed to be angry then?!?! I still hate new york and Im looking for apartments in l.a on cl. I think I will move there for a month just to see how it goes... It sucks that New York sucks so much and that youre CONSTANTLY lied to and told its good. Im over the tryory, being lied to, being robbed, being fucked over at EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY, im over being told its good - its not. The internet has changed nightlife forever it will never be 1979 NYC again and its now 2009 so why I am living under the reputation of a city from thirty years ago. I hate the small spaces, I hate the un-fresh food, I hate the filth, I hate everyone in my face. Ask anyone who visits the city recently EVERYONE is right when they say NEW YORK JUST SUCKS. DID I MENTION I HATE BEING RIPPED OFF and being told Im supposed to love it? I hate a lot and Im going to take a nap.
Sorry you had to read such a downer message but my blg is my venting space. If I didnt vent on here it would been done somewhere else in some unhealthy manner Im sure.


Mark said...

kate moss should retire already
and this is for you to cheer you up??

I like the third guy's awkwardness

Anonymous said...

yeah.. like on a pakistani cab driver, maybe?

Leatherpigboy said...

Hope you had a good nap and feel better after venting. Kate Moss sucks donkey ass! Seriously i would rather look at that crazy ass Janice Dickenson than Kate Fuckin Moss any day! My ass hairs have more personality than Kate Moss. OK i feel better now that i vented LOL

Lucas said...

is she even a person even?!

Race said...

Vent all you want big guy!

Anonymous said...

SuperDave I don't think anyone really was saying you didn't have a right to be angry about your experience leaving the Eagle, rather it was just how you dealt with your anger. You aren't a dip-shit after all; you have intelligence, talents and abilities some people can only dream of and I think the expectation people have of you would be that you use these to your advantage in such a situation. It seems many of the responses were written more out of disappointment that you let your anger manifest itself in a physical way (sssooo Erik Rhodes!). Maybe we as your blog readers need to re-think our expectations of who you really are as a person?????? That could be the issue rather than how you handled the situation.

Absolutely move. Just remember the grass isn't always greener!


gavin said...

Lucas, your pic is very cute!

You have Big Dick Face.

John Michael said...

That was actually my least favorite thing about living in NYC. No matter how bad a day/week/month/fuckin year you were having you were never allowed to say the city sucked. Robbed? Unemployed? still smelling of rotted fish 30 blocks after walking past the fishmarket? Still the best place in the world!

So nice to be back in a town with low self esteem.