Monday, June 15, 2009

My top 9 NATIVE AMERICAN DRAG QUEEN (two spirit) NAMES, in no particular order.

1. Souix Zansumers
2. Kokopele Chanel
3. Zuni Fetish
4.Shelly Longhouse
5. CHERokee Chief
6. Little Big Lady
7. Tee-Pee Hendron
8. Hurricane Katchina
9. Hopi Rich
I realize this "humor" is WAY specific, like if you dont know much about native americans, which I dont even, you probably wont get most of these. I mean do they even teach about native americans in school anymore or did they just stop because there arent any anymore besides my assistant Phil and his relatives that he doesnt even talk to? I remember having to learn the north eastern native american coalition of super powers, or whatever it was called, names as a kid. I only remember Iroquois, Mohawk, Mohigan, and there were some others SUSQUEHANA ?! I cant remember... If you dont know what a Zuni fetish or a Katchina is, or who Kokopele is ( your lucky), dont worry about it. and yes of course I realize that drag queen pictured above is a "dot not feather" indian but shes the best thing I could find searching under both Native American and Indian drag queen so she got to stay, the other one is how I imagine "Zuni Fetish" would kinda look. Shed have a mohawk for sure being that it would give the look some "cultural accuracy"
I only came up with 8 because thats what took the amount of time that I was willing to dedicate to this RIDICULOUS post.


gavin said...

I am friends with a queen who once won the Miss Navajo Beauty Pageant, beating out all the female contestants from the vast Navajo Reservation.

Nobody knew she was actually a man until AFTER the win!

Jeff is his real name — I don't know his drag name.

youreviltwin said...

i totally get it. arizona is ROTTEN with native drag queens. see: "pardon my beauty" on youtube. í believe that it all goes down COPS-style in tucson (which, having been here almost a month now, doesn't surprise me in the least).

youreviltwin said...

oops! i stand corrected: it's "excuse my beauty" on cops.