Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ok being that my taxi incident got more responses then anything Ive ever posted I feel I at least need to give an update.
YES its was an over reaction, and yes my SEMI rascist rant was ugly and I was clearly very very insulted and the hate was obviously reactionary and angry but that night I was someone who took every step in the "right" and then this person believed it was perfectly fine to call me what I think is the worst thing out there to my face. So YES I know, and knew at the time, its not the most sophisticated reaction nor was it the wisest but I'm also over being called a FAGGOT and decided that was my opportunity to finally give it to someone who feels its perfectly ok to call me that.
Living in NYC you get called a faggot A LOT simply for being you. I give a kiss to my friend goodbye on the street and some gang of kids starts talking shit, I wear tight jeans some gang of dudes starts talking shit, I go to the store to buy supplements the dudes give me sideways glances because my shirt is pink ( ok maybe it was because it said SAMANTHA FOX on it;) ), I get taken for a ride by a some uneducated third world mother fucker who only knows 200 words yet OF COURSE one of them is FAGGOT takes my money and then calls me a faggot?! THAT was my breaking point. Its disgusting to me that a person with a third graders vocabulary is ready to hurl "FAGGOT" out at someone immediately. Like he knows NOTHING yet someone taught him FAGGOT and to yell it at anyone who even slightly causes them an inconvenience. I got called a faggot because I refused to tip after being taken for a ride by that fucker even though it says right on the window in the "taxi riders bill of rights" "REFUSE TIP IF SERVICE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE" which is what I did, and that got me called a faggot. Sorry but I wasnt just gonna stand there and take it. In NYC people are ALWAYS up in your face so usually when someone calls you a faggot theyre in a group and Im simply not going to pick a fight with more them one person because I will LOSE, or if it is just one person theyre CRAZY or if they do say it you cant be absolutely sure they did because by the time you process it theyre twenty feet away and you cant be 100% sure and you dont want to look like a crazy person chasing someone down because they MIGHT have called you a faggot but in this case it was ONE GUY who said it to my FACE so it was time to teach the bastard a lesson. I realize Im lucky I couldnt cause the guy any physical harm,as much as I wanted to, because I could get into A LOT of trouble and I dont "feel" be SUED,or CENTRAL BOOKING for that matter, but still I do feel like chasing the fucker down and spitting all over his taxi was extreme and Im sad I had to do it but Im kinda glad I did it. I honestly doubt that dude will call someone a faggot again for fear the person will go bananas , chase them down the street, attempt to pull them out of their car and when door is locked spit all over their taxi.
Also dont think this is the first time Ive yelled at someone for calling me, or someone else for that matter, a faggot. You see if you dont live in NYC you simply dont have the understanding of how often or how close it is when it happens to you. Anywhere else in America you have your own car, nobody walks, and you have your own space. Sure someone might yell it from a car or something but that is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. If you dont live in NYC or PARIS or LONDON and you threw me shade for getting aggressive I just dont value your input because you have NO IDEA what its like. Having lived in NYC, the midwest, and LA I know the differences and being called a faggot on the streets of NY is wildly different then someone zipping by at 30 miles an hour in MINNEAPLOIS, sure it sucks but you can brush it off and its FAR LESS confrontational and therefore WAY easier to take the high road and condemn someone for acting aggressively. Last year I was walking down my block and some business man in a suit accidentally got bumped by two big black dudes walking down the street. They didnt even notice. The business guy waited till the guys were about fifty feet away and then mumbled and clearly stifled calling them niggers and called them FAGGOTS instead. Which just the concept that you cant call someone a nigger but he thought it was acceptable to call someone a faggot makes me INSANE, and I just happened to be standing next him when he decided to call them that so I turned to him and said " Dont call someone a FAGGOT in my neighborhood" The guy was stunned. He didnt expect some big white dude standing next to him to be offended or to speak up or that now a TOTAL STRANGER was against him when he thought he was perfectly safe calling someone a faggot. So I just keep walking and the guy is standing there stunned and he now waits till I'm fifty feet away and yells in a bratty kids voice "faggot, faggot" which is when this cute short little asian girl walking two pugs turns around and SCREAMS AT HIM " GO BACK TO WHERE EVER YOU CAME FROM YOU SIXTH CHROMOSOME MOTHER FUCKER!!!" It was just about the best thing Id ever seen, and if I hadnt said anything it never would have happened. The guys was so BEFUDDLED he seriously was just left standing there SHOCK, STUNNED, AND JOLTED as what must of seemed like the entire world was now coming for him for calling someone a faggot.
So Im not sure what to say other then Im FULLY AWARE rage and anger are not the answer but I didnt do anything illegal or wrong and though it was extreme and I fully accept that my words got ugly and if I had been physical it would have been a REALLY BAD situation for me and I hope I never have to do it again, but this was not some random situation and I did not randomly yell at someone for no damn reason. It was not some out of control anger issue over nothing, this was me getting REALLY ANGRY with someone who had the unmitigated gaul to call me a faggot because he thought as a faggot I would tolerate it and there would be zero consequence and instead I did everything I could, within the law, to tell him "dont come for the gays or at least this one."


Eric Arvin said...

What an awful experience! Growing up here in Indiana there are times I look back on as a kid and wish I had spoken up for myself. It still sends a cold rage through me whenever I hear that word. And that's what it is: Rage. Bottled and pure. Good vibes your way, Dave.

Anonymous said...

OMG after that businessman vs. you + asian girl story i'm convinced. you really are a GAY SUPERHERO. I SWOON!! <3

Unknown said...

Werk. I mean as a POC I can't stand by the racist things you said (as its against the rules in our "People of Color: Guide to dealing with Whitey" v. 1) but I know where you're coming from. Its kinda like a battle of the -isms... homophobia..ism v. racism. And then it boils down to who started it.

And I think most gay guys understand you since we all have been there. The funnny thing is that its almost as if these people don't even get why its offensive, its so comon to some of them. I've literally had family members look dumbfounded as to why I was so offended by folks saying 'faggy' and punk around me like it was nothing or that you're sensitive.

And yeah who doesn't get it when its just you-- and most guys don't have the gall to say it to your face-- and you're stuck between your self respct and a beatdown. God, I remember the day I chased a close (and we were close and thats why it hurt so much) white friend of mine for like a block, knocked him off of his bike and choked him for calling me a nigger for the third time (I was young, which is my only excuse as to why there was a third time). So yeah...

I get why you snapped. Your human... Can I have some free shit if I give you a 'POC Free Pass'?

Anonymous said...

You're no better than the driver. In fact, you might be worse, because you have the advantages of higher economic class and a college education... which ought to make you more mature than him. And yet you spew nasty words like "third world mother fucker" and "paki". The fact that you repeated the slander in your second post is revealing how little you think of it. Maybe as little as he thinks of calling someone faggot?

And don't fool yourself or anyone that you were defending the gays or that the driver won't ever say "faggot" to anyone again, b/c you know right now he is more homophobic than ever before b/c of your reaction.

But it's not really the spitting that I find terrible (in fact it's good you reacted). But it's the ease with which you spew racist hatred to an ethnic group. Beneath that soft smiley face and hot bod is an ugly person.

T.E.W. said...

You are da man in my opinion, I bow to you.

David Mason said...

King. Of. Thanks for the semi back up but remember I might be white but I feel , roughly, GAYS ARE PEOPLE OF COLOR not to mention im a POLOCK which as far as the white world is concerned is as black as we get. I mean who has more jokes about them the gays the black or the polocks... Im not even sure, but that give me a HEAFTY 2/3 percentage.
Not to mention its not like people of color dont make just as many rascist comments as white people. I mean seriously, everyone pretty much hates on everyone the same its just a matter of picking the subject matter, skin color, sexual orientation, financial situation etc etc etc its all the same and everyone does it..
Except for anonymous #2 apparently who is not and ugly person like me, but a beautiful angel who only spews white light, love and laughter and therefore is better then me.

Herodotus said...

To make a life in NYC has always demanded a high degree of ferocity. This,Dave, you possess! to some degree we all live in an outrageous world where the politician and the tooth paste salesman will happily rob us of our self-worth and freedom! Thank you for giving us a site that often challenges us to think!... and yes; you are Super Dave! Rock on!

David Mason said...

Anonymous #2 is lame and lives in a dream world. I love how the cabbie gets away scott free for calling me a faggot yet i get in trouble for doing the same to him. YET you have NO COMMENT about me reading the white business man?! You dont even think about what youre saying. Me going for the business guy was just as mean as me reading the third world fucker, but you say nothing of that incident. It just makes me think, you dont think, and are just programmed by some liberal arts bullshit ( as if I havent been educated by the same programming if not the most extreme version there of, at the most extreme liberal college in the U.S CAL ARTS) and really dont think for yourself at all....
Youre 90s and tired and not in the real world. I hope you feel better about your ridiculous one sided rant you heavenly angel.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say it:


-Man in Business Suit

David Mason said...

Someone has an straight bash fetish...

Anonymous said...

SuperDave, in all sincerity I ask this: have you had a vacation in a while were you just 100% turn off the world and relax/reflect?


quien es marcos said...

OMG whats the freaking deal with it?
someone called you FAGGOT and you reacted and called him a PAKI
oh, you have blood in your veins, what a crime
you should come to argentina, maybe its not the greatest country but at least you know that if you call someone a faggot or anything that other person is gonna say something back, and we can yell at each other and its ok cause its like in the rules of life or something.
I see people yelling at taxi drivers all the time and no one gets super stressed OMG someone yelled at me!!
and yes, we called each other faggot, whore, slut, cocksucker, and many many other things (i thinks its cause our italian heritage that we really like to curse and scream) and its like "look at that asshole just called me a queer" and you keep walking cause you are never gonna see him/her again, and if you want to fight back, well, its up to you but it wont make you a BAD PERSON THAT WILL GO TO HELL cause you are a human being and you are not made of stone, and when you are mad you say nasty things and that doesnt make you a racist.
altough I feel that it wasnt cool at all to be called a faggot, I also feel that this whole situation was blowned out of proportion.
MOVING ON PEOPLE, its called living in a big city.get over it.
on a side note, in argentina PAKI is the oposite of GAY.

Sue said...

You just can't let some people in NYC get away with shit like that cabbie did or the city will beat you to a pulp and spit you out. You were absolutely right to stand up to him the way you did. Further, now he'll think twice before he does that again. Right on Dave!

Erik said...

"I honestly doubt that dude will call someone a faggot again for fear the person will go bananas , chase them down the street, attempt to pull them out of their car and when door is locked spit all over their taxi"

I totally agree. And I just love the idea of homophobic idiots having to mutter things under their breath at safe distance because they´re afraid they´ll get mugged otherwise. People like you have made them understand that we´re not just whining sissies but ready to kick ass if necessary.

Anonymous said...

You're alright David.

I personally hate everyone equally!
Niggers, Faggots, Crackers, Beaners, Pakis, Towel-heads, Rich, Poor, Third World, Etc. Until someone proves to me that they are not just a stereotype then I hate them.

Worse than any of those words, is the person's intentions. The words are laughable at this point- his intention was to fucking hurt you, which is No Joke.

Be smarter in your rage next time- because there will be a next time- ie: Get the cab driver's name and cab number. Call everyday to falsely report him with something new- BE CREATIVE! Spend 15 minutes a day for 6 months and watch what you can do to someone! You will slowly fuck him and he won't be able to do anything about it. He will lose his livelihood and maybe have to move back to his country of origin.

If you, by paying with your credit card was going to be your rebuttal- then leave it at that. You're traceable after that point. (Which I'm glad you realized) But, you should have not paid him at all! Let him chase your fine ass!

Spit? Dude, Shit in your hand and smear it all over his fucking windshield and door handles. Who cares it's your shit! GET RETARDED ON A MOTHERFUCKER! Stuff Garbage in his exhaust pipe. Kick his side-mirrors off with your boot! Jump on the top of the car and stomp in the hood while he's at a red-light. Smack out his brake lights. Do DAMAGE!

Next Time, Give him a real reason to hate you!

Afterward, DO NOT BLOG ABOUT WHAT YOU DID! Just post some porn & have some phone sex with me & keep it light.

Because I know that 90% of the world hates me and you for who we are, I come to your site to have a break & enjoy a side of my brain that I can't exercise all day long like I would enjoy.

You're great David, and you're a good person. If that's what you need to hear I'll tell you it daily. Even with all of your hang-ups and rage, you're doing good and I appreciate you on this planet.

Fuck the anonymous! Shine On Brother!

All the best!

CJ said...

I[m unimpressed by Anon #2's argument that you should be "more mature" because of your "higher economic class and college education." What the hell? Since when do uneducated poor people get a free pass on life?

Also, why is no one commenting on the business transaction angle on this? You weren't called faggot by some stranger on the street, this was a person you were engaged in a business transaction with. As such, you have legal recourse, and should certainly complain to the cab company.

Random bigoted bitching is one thing. Bigotry on the job is entirely different.

swine said...

You might need a change of scenery, Dave but this kind of shit happens in LA too. Me & a friend were just in Tasa D'Oro, the Spanish place in the middle of Chelsea (for you non-New Yorkers, it don't get any gayer than Chelsea) and we caught the most hateful anti-gay vibe you could possibly get. While we weren't called faggots, we got hateful looks & the service was horrendous. When we weren't ignored, food was literally thrown at us. Needless to say we won't go back there. But this kind of hateful shit goes on everywhere. Not making a judgement call at all but Dave you gotta find a better way to live with this stuff than raging on people. Trust me dude, it could lead to something real bad. It's funny shit for your blog but not for your life.

Aaron said...

Good for you sweetie. One time I yelled "watch your mouth!" to a huge black dude in the gym for saying to his other huge black work out buddy "dont be a faggot" After fumbling through some thing about not being homophobic he and his buddy looked at eachother like "The nerve!" Sorry but I pay 85 bucks a month to work out there and I dont need to listen to that shit, even if it s not directed at me. Its sickening that were the only minority its OK to slander in public. Fuck them all, Fuck them all.

Christian Canterbury said...

Come to LA. Sure it sucks but I NEVER get that much hate in my face. (PS I DON'T live in West Hollywood)

Altair Drexel said...

Anonymous number 2 obviously has some type of "issue(s)" with you personally and professionally...know that more people are with you. No one should let that type of disrespect may seem "immature" and grade school playground type of situation but sometimes it warrants it. Have some balls AS#2.

Rob T. said...

David, being a young man of your height & in shape I would think most people wouldn't bother calling you the F word or anything else. But, when you were labeled you did what many people would do. It's easy for us to sit in the comfort of our homes & lecture you about how you reacted. You were there, we weren't. I love New York for many reasons but I know it can be a tough burg, & people are often short tempered. You were a customer of that taxi driver, no matter what you should have been treated better. Don't be afraid to stand up if needed. I do think that bitch will be a little more cautious in calling anyone else that name again. Who knows if the next time someone does physically react right there?

Anonymous #2 said...

This is Anonymous #2. I think you are upset at what I said because you know it's right. You think that being like 90% of the shit racist people in this world makes it ok for you to be so too. It's too bad for us all.

And in response to A. Drexel I don't know you personally. I just look at the hot pics on your blog and occasionally read your stories.

David Mason said...

Anonymous #2 I really think you need to ask yourself why you MUST see me as a RASCIST. That makes NO SENSE. I highly doubt I am the first person to every make a negative comment about the way something or someone looks. In fact Im willing to bet Im not the first person to make a negative comment,or thought, about the way someone looks in the the last NANO SECOND. To label someone a RACIST because of ONE COMMENT that person made, after being called a FUCKING FAGGOT no less, is ridiculous and Im forced to assume its WISHFUL THINKING on your part. I dont know why you need me to be one but for whatever reason you do. I dont care if CHER called me a FUCKING FAGGOT, as much as I love her Id call her a "GREASY ARMO" right back, its just the way it goes and does NOT make you a racist. Thats so ridiculous. It would be the equivalent of saying that if I said "I hate that stupid girl" that I am a sexist. One comment doesnt make a nearly political view. I just dont understand why I MUST be a racist for you. Its to satisfy something in you. I guess it just makes you feel better about yourself to put people down for "p.c" reasons because you dont allow yourself to put people down for other reasons because its "wrong",thats bullshit. I dont believe anything you say is an actual personal view but just a personal AGENDA which is VERY different. I think youre fooling yourself, but not me.
Good luck with your ridiculously contrary concepts and please stop reading my blog.

June 8, 2009 9:14 AM

Anonymous #2 said...

Your viewers don't have to like you or you them. I'm sure your dedicated fans make you feel good about yourself, so you're not on your own. May you all live happily ever after.

I don't care about who you are. I'll still come to your blog and get whatever kick I get out of it. It's a free world, and I'm not buying any of your stuff so there's no guilt on my side.

But in the future I'll just avoid reading stuff that remind me how ignorant and prejudiced some of the most prejudiced-against people can themselves be.

gavin said...

Question for quien es marcos @ 3:51 PM:

How do you say "faggot, whore, slut, and cocksucker" in Spanish?

I know "puto," but that's all.

gavin said...

Can we all just agree that the cab driver was a bigger asshole than Dave? The cabbie started it, he's the true bigot and deserves more scorn.

And people are right to say you can't ever let someone disrespect you, in NY or anywhere else.

But let's not pretend that Dave's scorching hotness has nothing to do with how many people are forgiving him here.

Most commenters on this blog are going to approve of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING Dave does because WE'RE FANS, he's fucking WHITE HOT MANCANDY on a STICK whose FIERCE way of serving SEXY REALNESS has even me imitating his OBNOXIOUS style of PUNCTUATION by ALL CAPS!

So we're all just competing to be his biggest ass kisser.

If Dave looked like Gary the Retard from Howard Stern or something, I'm sure much more of us would tell him to handle it differently.

quien es marcos said...

How do you say "faggot, whore, slut, and cocksucker" in Spanish?

lets see
faggot: PUTO o MARICON
Whore and slut are pretty much the same: PUTA
cocksucker: CHUPAPIJAS

the thing is that we are so used to curse every two words that it doesnt even bother us that much.