Monday, June 15, 2009

OMG , FINALLY my FAVORITE commercial as a kid is on youtube?!!?

but theres no song so let me sing it for you..."You can beat and egg, you can beat a drum ( cut to paulina in zebra spandex and acetate skirt and Im GAGGING as a 11 year old over it) but theres just one thing you cant be DIET SPRITE!!!


Race said...

EVERYTHING is on youtube, David. I'm on youtube, which tells you alot. But no one commented on the fact it was your favorite commercial as a kid?! And they are your fans? You are their fearless leader? They make lousy minons. I respect you for this commercial. It speaks volumes. Well, OK, perhaps not, but it has meaning for you, and this is your blog, so there.

I like it when she is fanning herself. But that's just me. That doesn't mean I have a fan fetish.

David Mason said...

Thank you for the backup Race and they DO make HORRIBLE minions!!!!!?!?!

Race said...

You should can those and interview for some new ones. The economy is in the toilet and jobs are scarce. Minions (sorry that I spelled it wrong before but at least I admit it) are easier to come by. Have you thought of Craigs List? I'd apply but I'm out West where you should be. Or, you could sound a minion casting call. Now that could be fun. And what a photo opp!

Anonymous said...

I was always disappointed in this commercial because they front-loaded the best outfits. After you get past the polka-dotted halter with matching bow and the zebra-striped tank and capris with green overlay, there's nothing to see. No climax, no finale.

But yes, who among us in 1986 did not want to sit on some blocks of ice in a silver swimsuit, fanning ourself firecely?