Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So im trying to learn SPANISH with Rosetta Stone

I just decided last week to go to Spain and I know ZERO Spanish, so I had Phil hack me a free Rosetta Stone program. Its WAAAAY harder then I thought. Spanish for SPAIN is MUY PARTICULARO?! Its way different then the rican spanglish im used too. I have the French one which is EASY but Spain spanish is hard and WEIRD. I can sit there for 5 minutes and not say MUJER right, that program is a STICKLER?! I leave Thursday and plan on knowing at least how to say the basics by then. I wanna learn five languages, so far I have TWO, North Eastern American English and Northeastern American TRANNY.


Anonymous said...

that's a soft d.
get with it, brother.

FYI-- PR-spanish is a close relative of Alabama-english.
so, yeah. honestly, listening to people speak "proper" spanish is very cute & all, but it's severely overrated-- just like "proper" english. if you're up on any spanish-language slang, even PR shit, then you're already doing very well.
but i'd worry more about local customs than language barriers.

Benoît Prévot said...

What about local customs????
The spanish people perheaps (except perheaps in Andalousia) are very calorosos,warm-hearted, sympathic, Always here to help you, they have the fantatasic way of beeing human that they have in countries wher the sun is King.
Nothing to be worry about if you're open minded.
For the language I have the same problem cause I learnt spanish with argentinian !

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, sweetie, you'll never need the word "mujer" while you're in Madrid for gay pride.

Herodotus said...

Watch some Pedro Almodovar films!

Sue said...

Well, didn't you take a language in college? I took French, so I could understand the Spanish I heard, based on the underlying Latin, and respond appropriately with a si or no, or by repeating the correct answer when I heard it. You won't be discussing philosophy, but that's not why you're going anyhow.

But, Benoit is correct, most all Spanish men hug and kiss as a greeting, even the straight ones. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful time!

Muscled Dad said...

Totally with you on this one. Did French in HS and college and picked up basic Italian just while I was a tourist there, but have been to Mexico many times, and still have major trouble with alot of the basics, let alone conversation. So get ya when you say that you want to have some of it down to be sociable, but if you're not "an ugly American", it'll be just fine there.

Aaron said...

Does that rosetta stone really work? Ive always thought about buying it..

Race said...

My advice (knowing you didn't ask for it) is to invest the time in American Spanish instead. Like from Mexico. You will be in Spain for a short while, but in the US a LOT longer. And I don't know about NYC, but out West EVERYTHING is written in Spanish, and a LOT of the people you engage with speak it. If you're even remotely thinking about spending time in L.A. I HATE it, but it's the way of big business and big government, and it's a fact.

Michael said...

All I know is lithp all the "s"s. I was once mistaken for a bodybuilder in Spain (OK, in a back room in Spain) so Spaniards are OK by me!

gavin said...

I can speak Spanish and English both.

Take me, I'll be your translator.

Or you can meet up with Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho.

Are you friends with them? Francois is.

Tom said...


This is a great site for language learning. It contains many of the courses used by the Foreign Service Institute.

The link in the upper right corner to How to Learn Any Language is good, too. It has a lot of tips and a forum on languages and language learning that is very active.

Anonymous said...

Ey cutie, a language can not be learnt so quick. I am spanish, from Madrid, I tried to study french for 2 years, our tongues are very similar, but it's difficult anyway. I encourage you to learn the spanish of Spain, it sounds more correct and you can be understood everywhere, if I wanted to study english I would choose UK or USA, not an african country where people use english...you know. About the clichés of being warm, very kind, very horny...that happens all over the world, any person is different. Hope you all enjoy if you visit the country!

youreviltwin said...