Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This was the first song to come on to my radio this morning... I hoping its an omen to a great summer

I watched this video with straight Phil, It was kinda fierce cause he was so totally getting a boner over it and proved he ACTUALLY IS a heterosexual?! HOW?!... or better yet WHY?!?!... because I TOTALLY MISSED the "NIPPLE SLIP" at 2:25 and he was ALL OVER IT and demanded a do over! I was totally distracted by the GIANT COCKTAIL and her tits were invisible to me. Its so weird to think Phil actually likes girls as sex objects...poor kid.


Rob T. said...

I don't see what the breeders see in them either. Great as friends but that's it.

Avenjer said...

I wouldn't have paid attention either but once you pointed it out and you watch it--looking for it (like a straight guy would) there are about 30 nip slips in this vid. No wonder he was flipping out. How did this vid slip (pun intended) past the youtube censors?! Everytime there's hint of any hot male slippage the vid gets pulled right away. This vid is on the same level as the multiple Madonna nip slips in "Papa don't preach"---play that vid for straight Phil tomorrow and see if he pays attention to her makeup or her bouncing boobs.