Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Collector... sorta sexy poster.

It reminds of BLACKOUT which was some shitty horror movie that was always on display at the SHOP N SAVE grocery store that I would totally stop in my tracks and OOZE over. Another formative fetish experience.


Leatherpigboy said...

WOW both covers make me crazy!

Christian Canterbury said...

As a kid I was OBSESSED with this Blackout poster. For some reason I never attempted to actually watch the film. I saw one called "Night School" thinking it was this film but it wasn't.
This poster really haunted my dreams. So, the movie's shitty? Figures.

David Mason said...

wow i cant believe someone else saw the black out poster?!!! I actually never saw the movie, I was to afraid to rent it for fear my fetish would be revealed!

brando said...

I JUST SAW THAT MOVIE TONIGHT AT A SCREENING FOR MOVIE REVIEWERS!! Girls, go see this shit when it comes out, suspense until the very end!!

The killer is all about getting perverse pleasure from seeing his victims in pain. I came home and turned all the lights on.