Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fetish Kookery of the day: ASYMMETRICAL way more fierce then symmetrical bondage.

Symmetrical bondage is Crystal, Assymetrical bondage is Alexis.


brando said...

Everyone needs to stop trippin' on Crystal!!! That bitch is a lady but won't hesitate to box you in the street!

David Mason said...

I agree, even though Im the one who made the comment I have to say as I get older I understand why Crystal is pretty fierce too.

gavin said...

Don't overestimate the aesthetics; they're not always the primary motivation.

The bondage in the picture you included was devised for a physical, sexual purpose, not composition.

It allows the bound sub to remain standing for the master while losing complete control of his hole.

The bound leg is drawn up to completely expose the sub's hole and fixed so he can't move it. The sub cannot block access to his hole with his leg or buttcheek anymore. The master can shove anything up there he wants, as hard as he wants; as long as he wants.

I love it when Van Darkholme uses that particular trap. Cocks take as much as they want and there's nothing the bottom can do about it!