Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fetish kookery of the day: Most amazing tattoo ever?!

Its seriously like mega fine art. a PERMANENT TATTOO of Gay rainbows, a UNICORN, and NAZI EPHEMERA?!?!?!... on your ass?! (actually the "on your ass" part is the only part thats expected)


TAG said...

Gives you something to read while you are rimming him

Jay said...

I had posted this on my own blog and I still think its a nice bubble butt despite the insane-o bigotry. I like em big and juicy.

Patrick said...

The guy who has it isn't actually a nazi or anything. He has a bunch of incredibly awful tattoos. There's a story on him over at but I can't remember his name or find the link, which is a shame, as it has links to pictures of his other horrible yet funny tats.