Thursday, July 2, 2009

Francois versus Shredder suit.

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Francy is TURNING IT OUT CUNTILY.. I LOVE how the performance still some how comes off as FRENCH. I think at one point he slaps himself, if you wanna read as french to me, SLAP YOURSELF. I know exactly where this comes from in me too. Grace Jones does it in VIEW TO A KILL after she kills the guy with the POISON BUTTERFLY , then JUMPS OFF THE EIFFEL TOWER, only to land on on a CIGARETTE BOAT waiting in the SEINE manned by CHRISTOPHER WALKIN upon landing he asks her "well?" and she throws her head back in laughter and SLAPS HERSELF!!!! FUCKING FIERCEST THING EVER. Total formative experience in the life of David Mason. Come to think of it his ENTIRE LOOK is similar to Graces outfit in that scene... RAD?!


lakeoeric said...

David Mason - you nut, you add to my daily fun quotient. Love you. Do you know the song that Francy is dancing to? Need it, want it.

gavin said...

Susan is right, Francy + David = lovebirds

You're perfect for each other! Art-fag musclemen.

What will the gay blogosphere nickname this hot celebrity couple?




ZACHARY said...


Wonder Man said...

love Grace

LUCIEN said...

Guys believe me Dave's creation - The Shredder suit on both man or beast doesn't get much sexier feeling or looking .
Its a slithery adventure

David Mason said...

A "slithery adventure" is a fantastic description!!! thanks for that :)