Saturday, July 18, 2009

Off to The Haunted Gym

So Im headed to the gym and honestly excited about it. I cant believe it. I feel like there is something in New york now that is fun?! Most people are cunting it because I think thats all most gays think they know how to do, but im tired of critiquing shit. Im into the magenta ceiling with CHARTREUSE pin spotlighting and I think a Haunted Mansion theme is a lot better then a Hall of Presidents theme! I mean if you actually asked me what disney ride would be the best to base a gym around I know Id pick HAUNTED MANSION hands down, though MR TOADS WILD RIDE could also be FIERCE or Splash Mountain ( because I like that Laughing Place part and the alligator biting the bear in the butt - those of you who have been on the ride know what Im talking about) I didnt take a picture of the gym floor because I didnt want people seeing me take pics because they might be weird about it, but all this place needs is a oil portrait that stretches of Susanne Bartsche on a tightrope and wed have full tilt boogie haunted mansion realness... Who knows maybe its on the way. The pictures below are of the entry to the locker room, a little hallway nook, the top of the stairway, and the giant disco ball dj booth


LUCIEN said...

DAVE - Just got back from a GHOSTWALK through the historic district of my city . A group of Psychics take you on a tour of all the creepy haunted houses in the downtown area - where prisoners that were lynched faces are supposed to be etched into the glass and mass graves of Civil War unknowns keeps the grass from growing - its funny and creeepy and kind of eerie . I thought of you Dave all the time - Come down South sometime and walk the GHOST WALK

NSFW said...

That Munster gym looks absolute groofy... tho what I fear most scary is that they're playing M.J.'s exhausted "Thriller" constantly.
Wondering if there's bowls of last year's candy corn scattered thruout the premises?

As for Disney World Gym, also thinking It's A Small Small World would be an exciting tangent,.. mini-surroundings would make clients feel like they're bulking-up and getting huge. "Small World Gym" could be manned by a staff of "small people" and feature midget wrestling and dwarf tossing classes... and the walls could be decked-out with portraits of huge roidtards with teeny-tiny dinks.

At The House of Vader said...

Say wha'?! You're tired of fags dishing on NYC shit? Hmmmm...last I recall, you weren't exactly the biggest NYC fan, son.

But I totally feel you...I am a HUGE fan of not ranking on NYC. And I fall asleep the minute I hear anyone say..."in the 80s....!"

Like you, I was MAD pumped about DBG Astor. But I'm pulling the plug. It looks cool. The lighting gives me more rips than I really have. Cool mix of straight and gay dudes. But it is a cave. Way, way, way too dark. The space has BANKS of windows along Astor and Laffyette, looking onto Astor place, the new and the old Cooper buildings, The Public, a bunch of cool shit...and he's done all he can to block the views and the natural light out. It's depressing.

If the scene heats up and it turns into Crunch 1998, I'm there. In the meantime, I'm on my way there now to cancel and collect my $99 refund.

David Mason said...

A. I never said I was over gays talking shit about new york. I said I just over gays talking shit.
B. I dont think its dark at all. I found it to be bright. It has more windows then exterior walls and in comparison to other david /barton gyms its like super bright.

waltpaper said...

I live for the new DBG!! I loved the dj good...I was actually dancing in between fun.

Also, a neat thing that is happening, is I am talking to people from Crunch, who are now there....people I saw for years, but never really spoke to.

I love love love that they have tall people pull up racks's such a drag doing pull ups from your knees...I actually get to jump up to swing around....I live!!!!

The locker rooms are great too, so much space...

I am really excited about this new gym!!!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH - I agree!! I LOVE how BRIGHT this gym is - especially compared to DBG 23rd St and South Beach. It's a breath of fresh air.

Black Nyx said...

I'm loving that skull - very Heathen Earth by Throbbing Gristle. Hot.