Friday, July 17, 2009

I CANNOT GET enough Raffaella Carra!!!

I love how shes the leader of a GAY NAZI GANG and does a SUBLIME job of using her HAIR AS A WHIP to keep those BITCHES IN LINE.


Cristián said...

...and for the record, these musical numbers were done live, during the middle of her daily afternoon show on Italian TV ("la RAI") back in 1983 ("Pronto, Raffaella!" = "Hello, Raffaella!"). Imagine as if Oprah, Ellen or any of The View girls finished interviewing one of their guests, and suddenly broke into an instant wardrobe change and a full 5 minute in-studio choreography rendered to perfection. And yes, even with perfect hair-movement control. Notice in this one how from 1'12" to the end, is all done with only one single camera take, with no change of camera or need to switch angles to disguise any mistakes. That's pure Raffaella magic no other has ever been able to replicate.

David, you may also be interested in checking this other one:

Raffaella in red-hot-flavor spandex, for a Flash-Gordon-meets-Star-Wars inspired fantasy.
Check her red leather boots!
(video quality a bit harsh though)

David Mason said...

Yes very Flash gordon, which I LOVe and its also made by Italians... Their work really went by without anyone in states even knowing, and Im actually happy about it because it gives us something NEW now even though its 30 years old.

Wonder Man said...

I love this. We need more performances like this