Thursday, July 16, 2009

I think Richard Simmons is sorta TRANSGRESSIVE and FIERCE

I bet that queen is just fuckin AWESOME to hang out with, a BARREL OF LAUGHS. If you read this blog Richard CONTACT ME when youre in NYC, I wanna hang!!!
I have this story about Richard from a friend of mine... LONG STORY SHORT. A new hooker in NYC goes to his first call from his agency to this fancy apt. The guy answers the door in a PINK BUNNY SUIT and hands the high class hooker a WOLF COSTUME. When the guy in the pink bunny suit turns around the ASS IS CUT OUT. The guy puts the wolf costume only to find of course that the CROTCH IS CUT OUT. the guy in the pink bunny suit says chase me around the apartment and when you catch me FUCK ME..
Anyways the guy goes back to the agency when hes done and theyre like..."Well???" He explains what happened and theyre like "Oh that was Richard Simmons." I dunno if its true story but I HOPE IT IS, because its FUCKING FIERCE. I TOTALLY wanna be chased around in a BUNNY outfit by a WOLF and RAPED!!! FUCKING RAD!!!!..... PPs NO im not the HOOKER! Kinda sorta wish I was though.. imean I dont wanna fuck Richard but being a high class hooker always seemed fierce even though you KNOw it would just SUCK. I always wanted to be Mike Piazzas' personal hooker, he HAD to have one.


Christian Canterbury said...

Teddy bear fetish? Apollonia 6 fetish? I have both and I know how you like that shiny red lipstick, lingerie thing. You'll enjoy this!

David Mason said...

That was rad, I remember those bear in costume things too, we had one " Amelia Bearheart" it was blue in a maroon jumper with googles.
If I saw this video as a kid I probably would jerked off to it because of the transformation scene. If I jerked off to "Its raining men" I woulda jerked off to this.

gavin said...

If you got famous through porn you definitely have looks good enough to pull in top dollar as an escort from the richest clients.

Like Erik Rhodes. You might want to ask him what it's like and how he feels about it LOL

Anonymous said...

aaaaaahh cookie bunny!!!

awesome awesome