Sunday, July 12, 2009

LOOK OUT !!! Theres a gay hiding behind you!

Grindr, is this new Iphone application that you have and you can tell exactly how many gays, with the application, are around you. Down to the foot even?! Though I dont know how accurate it is as some times I have checked and it said such and such a gay was ZERO FEET AWAY FROM ME?! Yikes?! Its sorta very 1984 as it could all be a government TRAP as it is a free download and anyone who wanted to track the gays could just plug in and PICK YOU OFF one by one using any variety of KILL METHODS like a piano wire, a rusty syringe full of anti freeze, or even a razor blade concealed in a LIPSTICK CASE!?! ( they sold them at the Tom-Tom shop in Lake George when I was kid and I thought they were SOOOO RAD!).... buts thats just my semi crazy paranoid side doing the talking.
You post your own profile photo and tell them your height, weight and RACE ( See I told you theyre tracking YOU!) Most guys have a semi sexy pic but I just have a BONER KILL PHOTO of me in my Multinauts costume because Id rather be "present" on the street then walking around trying to find gays with an Iphone. It is kinda fun to see though. I even saw a guy in my neighborhood wearing Slick It Up in his pic!! Werk!?! To get it click HERE its free.


Dustyn said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Grindr. It's fun...until you get a message from someone in a dark bar that says "i see you"

creepiest message i've EVER gotten

Sue said...

This is just too funny! Ever since my husband was hit on in the YMCA...
... he has been hypervigilant about it. He wore a nice suit to go into Manhattan to meet with potential clients and then went to the Met. When he got home he told men that several men were following him around.

Anyhow, on our way home from Columbus, we stopped at a nice rest area in Pennsylvania and I took my nap under a pretty pin oak while he rested in the Jeep. Some guy came over and chatted him up. Husband could NOT get rid of him. Finally it was time to wake me up and left to go do that, and the guy took off.

I don't think he needs this. ;) They are finding him just fine.