Thursday, July 9, 2009

My friend just bought an old Trans Am... Now I get to pretend Im the chick in the SPANDEX PANTS!

Either the guy who did Laura Branigans "Self control" video did the top commercial or it was DEEPLY inspired. I will post that video below...sooo FIERCE!


Kurt Walters said...

Don't forget your Rusk products and Aussie Sprunch Spray... I never understood who wanted their hair sprunched..

David Mason said...

But sprunching gives it body?!

Sue said...

Those are killer boots. Think how tall you'd be in those!

David Mason said...


Christian Canterbury said...

Never liked that actor (J.Eddie Peck) who was driving the Trans Am. He was on my soap "Young and the Restless" as well as "Lambata".
There was something about him that really bugged me. He was hot and he knew it but at the same time he wasn't THAT hot.

It was like someone told him this was how hot guys, stand and look. Head slightly down, eyes up. Hands on hips. Lower voice. Be swarthy. Work it!

His arrogance about his own perceived hotness overwhelmed any ACTUAL hotness he had...making him seem like a douche. Get it?

He really bugs me.

David Mason said...

lol Thats so the way things go, like I love it when someone has very very clear and specific feelings on someone that everyone else with normally just glaze over. The fact that you know all this about him cracks me up, its very much something one of my friends would do.