Monday, July 13, 2009


I just saw photos from this dude who wanted to have his dick cut off, not like to be a tranny, and not by a surgeon but like by a guy at home for fetish purposes... O M G?!?!? First I saw the pic of his dick gone and healed and was like ok what is that ? and they I looked and saw the pics of the scalpel actually cutting through the base of the dick and the dick being pulled away... OMG IM GONNA DIE. I think the photos were even taken BY THE GUY WHOS DICK WAS BEING SLICED OFF WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING?!?! I never thought I was so attached to my dick?! I am SCREAMING by myself in my apartment... sorry had to share... The freaky part was how in one pic you could see his feet and that he was just sitting in a LAZY BOY that they put a PLASTIC SHEET OVER?!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!?! OMG it was so freaky im covering my face and peeking through my fingers and curling my toes...EEEEK?!


Anonymous said...

What kind of fucked up fetish is that? YIKES!!!!


oh boi , well don't post it, that wont make me cum

MikeyG said...

Well thank you for NOT sharing the pics... :O

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Chlopecki,

(If that is your real name)

Having your dick removed, like anything else, can be a beautiful experience if enough money is spent and enough attention to detail takes place.

I remember when I had mine removed.

I was a mincing, swishy fag of a boy and realized the butchest thing I could do would be to hack off my Polish sausage and grow a set.

That was the day that Stewart Kostyra became Martha Stewart.

Man in Suit

Anonymous said...

um, feel what you want and whatnot, but this is some shit i will NEVER. EVER. understand.
don't they miss it at some point??

witomski said...

Dave...Please don't post the pics...Joe

Erik said...

Like Mikey G said - thanks for not posting the photos! Just the text was enough to make me shiver like a bowl of jelly

David Mason said...

Dont worry, I didnt post the pics for a reason, when I think about it I still curl my toes up.

Dac Morris said...

Dave: LMAO, you're the only guy who could make something like this funny as hell. Excellent

Anonymous said...

there's a video of a dude doing it to himself. it's worse than pictures.

in the second half of the video there is also a guy that castrates himself -> like knife -> scrotum -> digging around with knife in scrotum -> ball pops out of hole made by knife. he then goes on the smashing it with a hammer if i remember correctly.

anyways... you made me think of the video. D:
so, i'm sharing. :P