Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Spandex Fetish FIESTA!!! Just when I think youtube has run out of fierce things to show RAFFAELLA saves the day!

Raffaella Carra is a SOLID ENTERTAINER of the old school set. She WORKS FOR IT. I love her. She has a ROCKIN BODY TOO. I bet she doesnt even know half of what shes saying in the song. Its all phonetic. Which just makes it better. Thank you Raffy ... GRACIAS!!
....Wait a minute, Wait a minute, wait a minute!!!!??!?! I STRONGLY suggest you watch this clip in its entirety because I just watched it AGAIN and liked it MORE!!! ...Birthed from a SPANDEX COCOON in your new sparkly blouse?! The ZIPPERED entrance of your ARMY of GAYS in WHITE SPANDEX that are ready for the gym AND your inspection?!?! Pulled towards the camera by a SPANDEX CONVEYOR BELT...INTO A FAN?!?!?! I YELLED "WOAH!", OUTLOUD, TWICE!!! Shes FUCKING KILLER?! I love the way she walks with her shoulders pulled really far up and back for a STREAMLINED EFFECT- so fuckin hot... SHOULDER PADS in your BODYSUIT?!?! The cunty little ninja moment at 3:02 KILLS ME?! I LOVE RAFFAELLA CARRA....She reminds me of my moms friend Greta who I was obsessed with as a kid, she also sorta looks like a young blonde Angelica Houston....Werk Mother!


Anonymous said...

Dear David,

Does this take me back.

In between my Wall Street years and launching my billion dollar global brand, I had a little variety show called, "The Sonny and Martha Show." I wasn't happy that my name came second, but Sonny was just coming off the success of that other show so he had the edge.

Anyway, it was a lot like this clip if you substitute taupe cashmere for for rhinestoned spandex and baking muffins for fan kicks.

I was never sure why it didn't take off.

I did do that move where they dragged me across the floor on a big sheet. It's a great way to clean the floors. You can get other excellent household tips from my "Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook."

Hardcover only, please.

Martha Stewart

Cristián said...

Raffaella has always ruled! Been following her since 1977 and she has never disappointed me.
The real Godmother of them all wanna-be others.

Thank you for making space for her unsurpassable camp in your blog. :)

Cristián said...

...and check out this one. Another great spandex/leather/S&M fantasy moment from campy Carrá (circa 1983 - yeah, like 10 years ahead before Madonna's Human Nature):

Mike said...

quite enthralling. luvit!

David Mason said...

David Mason said...

That clip is AMAZING! I will be posting it later, Thanks Christian!

Cristián said...

You're very welcome, David. :)

Sue said...

Any idea who designed her outfits?

Cristián said...

@Sue, this is taken from her 1985 TV variety show "Buonasera Raffaella", and during that year, the wardrobe director for her show was this Italian designer called "Gabriele Mayer" (legendary among Italian films of the 60's - close collaborator of Dino de Laurentis). So, I'd assume he would have designed this outfits seen here.

gavin said...

What's with the Martha Stewart troll?

And if you guys haven't seen the Literal Video Version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart," you simply must!

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?