Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ALL NEW SLICK IT UP SITE!!!!!!!! 15% discount

Hey everyone please checkout the new Slick Site, click HERE ..BUY STUFF!!! and if you do, use coupon code NEWSITE and get a 15% discount! There are way bigger photos of the gear and links to blogs and soon there will be an entire section of free downloads and editorials organized by photographer or illustrator so you can see all the shoots weve done that we couldnt have on the site because they were "catalogue" enough. There are some slight photo cropping issues that need to be fixed but aside from that Im really happy with it! Straight Phil did it and if you ever need a site built I highly recommend him. Hes a very honest and hard working guy and doesnt mind if your a high maintenance homosexual who has control issues.


Darren said...

Site looks great, and I just made my first order.

David Mason said...

Thanks so much Darren!!!

LUCIEN said...

Yes Darren I agree the site looks sleek and svelte and very much promotes the classy-sassy nature of the gear
My third order is going in to Dave on it

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

Congratulations on the successful redesign of your website. You are well on your way to becoming a a mogul like myself.

Perhaps we could collaborate on a line of SlickItUp aprons for K-Mart?

I was so impressed with your site, I bought the Candy Sling (see new photo), and you are right - I feel like a total ho-bag.

I do not need any help with my website, but perhaps straight Phil would like me to smoke his peace pipe, if you know what I mean? Oh this sling brings out the racist and the slut in me.

Is my butt too shiny?

Martha Stewart

NSFW said...

The new site rocks D!
Titillating and asstounding, much like your new Palin banner.

My SIU cart's getting in gear...