Monday, August 3, 2009

Daily Dudes.


youreviltwin said...

ok, first of all. picture one: is that a pygmy or a 'little person' or just a small person or what? i wish there was something in the picture to help me scale him... a quarter or a bread box or a toadstool maybe.

second of all. that's not a real dick, right? i mean, that's photoshopped on or something, yeah?

do 'little people' have regular sized junk? that might explain it.

David Mason said...

yeah the photo is morphed so he looks extra "little peopley" which im fine with, but yes i heard little people have regular sized junk. My friend once caught MEGOSH from WILLOW RECEIVING HEAD in the stall at the eagle and he said it was big person sized.

youreviltwin said...

that is the BEST STORY EVAR!!!

omg, i can't wait to tell my aunt- willow is her FAVORITE MOVIE (i KNOW- WTF is that all about?)!!!